Mail Steamship Co

1900 - 1979

Union Steamship Co Ltd

1853 - 1900

Castle Line

1862 - 1900

King Line

1889 - 1978

Bullard King & Co

1850 - 1960

Castle Line Union Steamship Co. Bullard King Ltd

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Houston Line

1875 - 1970

C W Cayzer

1877 - 1881

Bowater Steamship Co

1938 - 1972

Hector Whaling Co

The Hector Whaling Co

1935 - 1974

Springbok Line

Springbok Shipping Co

1959 - 1961

South American Saint Line

South American Saint Line

1926 - 1965

Cayzer Irvine / CI Shipping

Cayzer Irvine Shipping

1981 - 1988

Safmarine Mail Ships

Safmarine Mailships

1965 - 1977

The British & Commonwealth Group

1956 - 1987

B & C Group

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Union-Castle Mail Steamship Co Scottish Tankers

Scottish Tankers

1950 - 1985

Clan Line


1881 - 1981

Scottish Shire Line

Scottish Shire Line

1874 - 1975

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1954 - 1985

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Gone Aloft

Brian O'Connor sometime First Officer "Stirling Castle" and subsequently Cargo Superintendent Southampton.  

Funeral arrangements  Thursday 29th June at 1300 hrs Southampton Crematorium, East Chapel.

Bill Parr former Purser/Catering cargo vessels who served on Good Hope Castle at the time of her fire and finally left the sea from the Good Hope to marry and settle in South Africa in 1971.

Bill died on 6th June.

Forthcoming Events

Currently in progress is a series of seminars and exhibitions   “Abandon Ship”   from May until November 2017 aboard HQS Wellington in London

The next reunion will the   “The Clan Line Reunion”   in Liverpool on 4 October 2017