Glenart Castle Memorial

This memorial dedicated in 2002 has been erected by the great niece of  Matron Katy Beaufoy and the family of  Captain Burt.   

It stands on the cliffs of Hartland Point in Devon, positioned so that it points WNW to the position where the "Glenart Castle" sank 20 miles away.   

Each year on the 26th of February at 11.00 a short service of remembrance is held.  

The position of  the "Glenart Castle" as surveyed by the Admiralty in 1999, is given as,

Lat. 51 06' 417N -- Lon 005 02' 917W

There are a number of web sites dedicated to the German Navy and Submarine Service in particular.   It is a remarkable fact that only one credits Wilhelm Kiesewetter with 'one ship sunk', giving the tonnage but for some reason (I wonder why?) not mentioning the ship's name! Another web site states 'no sinkings recorded'!     

Kiesewetter was never charged with a war crime, he went on to become the oldest U boat commander of the 2nd World War.   For such a distinguished commander one would have expected a photograph, something oddly missing.

The oldest Commander was Fregattenkapitän Wilhelm Kiesewetter. He took over the command of the training boat UC 1 on 20 November, 1940. He was at that time 62 years old! In WWI Wilhelm Kiesewetter was Commander of SM UC-56.

Credit for this picture to Andy Skarstein

In Hollybrook Cemetary Southamton are the following plaques in memory of Glenart Castle

Thanks to Derek Walker for these pictures

Nurses of Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service Reserve who died on Glenart Castle

Staff Nurse E Edgar

Of the South African Military Nursing Service

Matron Katy Beaufoy

Staff Nurse Rebecca Rose Mary Beresford

Sister Rose Kendall

Staff Nurse Edith Blake

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