1975 - February


Second Mate’s Certificate

Deck and Radio Officers

A G Snell

To Master

To Chief Officer

To Third Officer

To Fourth Officer

Deck  and Radio Officers

G B Charleson

M G Ward

A G Snell

D M Rae

R C Plumley

N J Bennett

J G Sweetman


To Second Engineer

To Jnr Second Engineer

To Third Engineer

To Fourth Engineer

To Junior Engineer

Engineer Officers

P J O’Brien-Hill

D S Clegg

K Thibbotumunuwe

T I Dunlop

R Conibeer

I M Cochran

J P Richardson

D Clark

G Henderson

W P Williams

K M P Hill

I J Thompson

W H Bound

A P Fox

A B Netherton

D Waite

S Martin

R J Bush

D W Smith

P A Stow

To Asst Purser Catering

To Third Purser


N K Targett

S G Campbell

A E Connor

M Boyle

C J Smith

1st Class Motor


2nd Class Motor


2nd Class Steam


Engineer Officers

N Rattenbury

G Yeaman

P C Gillies

A Young

K Euridge

Mail Service

Edinburgh Castle

Left Southampton

7 February

For South Africa

S.A. Vaal

Left Southampton

14 February

For South Africa

Pendennis Castle

Left Southampton

21 February

For South Africa

Southampton Castle

Left Southampton

28 February

For South Africa


J Catterall

D Sowden

P St Q Beadon

M Ure

Staff Commander

K Bennett

A Wigham

Chief Officer

J Madge

D Innes

A Flenley

Second Officer

D Hawker

R Wadham

R Thomas

Extra Second Officer

A Norman

B Goldsworthy

Third Officer

R Pawley

P B Harrison

Fourth Officer

M Wise


S Theunissen

N Dobson

S P Harris

G A McEwan

A V Gale


C Breward

R Walker


A Weaver

L E O’Neill

Snr Master-at-Arms

E Jaffray

W Peckham

Jnr Master-at-Arms

P Brown

W Bridger

First Radio Officer

W Eckersley

R Hough

M MacDonald

Second Radio Officer

P Pegg

R Mercer

Third Radio Officer

J Cardownie

R Lee-Smith

Fourth Radio Officer

A Taylor

A Forrest


D Reid

R Crozier

Nursing Sister

A Evans

D White

Chief Engineer

R Crook

R Somers

K R Talbot

First Engineer

P Brown

W Deacon

A Cunningham

Second Engineer

J Field

B Gillott

J Austermuhle

Extra Second Engineer

S Fountain

P Santamera

Jnr Second Engineer

J Goodrum

C Richards

B Maynard

M O’Meara

L E Edwards

Snr Third Engineer

J Jarvis

Int Third Engineer

D Smithson

Jnr Third Engineer

A Wight

D Hayes

Snr Fourth Engineer

A Richardson

N Lindsay

Int Fourth Engineer

M Fishlock

B Kear

Junior Engineer

P Stow

A Fox

I Walker

W Fogarty

P Gibson

S Hall

D Wright

A McGilvray

K T Webber

P Williams

N C Judge

D G Tan

R W Cuthbert

Engineer Cadets

M Love

S Hopkins

Chief Frig Engineer

G McGregor

P Yuile

L Block

Second Frig Engineer

T Rolfe

A Nellis

Third Frig Engineer

D Chalker

First Electrician

D Thorpe

H Windsor

D Tucker

Second Electrician

D Allen

P Richards

A Pengelly

Third Electrician

F McCulloch

Jnr Electrician

J Brzezinsk

S Peacock

Senior Mechanic

W Jones

G R Serjeant

W J Symons


ER Storekeeper

G Lothian

G Wan

T C Allen

ER Leading Hand

R Cutler

F Pimley

Chief Purser

D Wickenden

A Hodge


M Mears

J McFadyen

Purser/Catering Officer

R Jones

Purser Catering

G Waugh

D Padmore

Second Purser

M Warner

M Fletcher

Second Purser Catering

K Hanson

D Kershaw

Third Pursers

N Schofield

D Hamilton

Third Purser Catering

R Jones

D Merrell

Junior Pursers

A Berber

F Moldenhauer

J Puttock

P Trangmar

Junior Purser Catering

B Turner


A Marais

Children’s Hostess

J Nelson

C Hutchinson

Chief Barman

F Hubbard

L O’Dell


J Hunt

Linen Steward

F Ross

Head Waiter (1st Class)

H Sullivan

Head Waiter (Tourist)

A Walmsley

Band Leader

H Taylor

M Seidman


L Creed

B Eastland

M Martin

Second Steward

H L Morgan


A Painter

H Shearman


J Burton

H Bean

Clan MacLaren

As at 1 February

Clan Matheson

As at 28 February


L H Bainton

R M Bessant

Chief Officer

G D Mobbs

A S Hill

Cadet Training Officer

I Cuthbertson

Second Officer

J E Dingle

L A Martin

Fourth Officer

R A Bacon

C Cooke


M W Ashford

S A Fell

A R Wilson

C Goudie

C Waters

K D Lee

I MacAnna

S T Collins

Radio Officer

D M Gibbs

E C Stout


T Newstead

M A Coles


A K Banerjee


Chief Engineer

L Brown

T E Mayers

Second Engineer

P W Manuelpillai

J H Groves

Jnr Second Engineer

D H Robinson

V Hamilton

Third Engineer

I J Margetson

J H Robinson

Fourth Engineer

N R White

N G Lang

Junior Engineer

R G Rowe

I E Rumsey

T Bryceland

C Miller


R B Kelley

Second Electrician

D F Rafters


Abdul Jabbarx

Purser/Catering Officer

R Houston

D M Duff

Asst PCO

M F Telford

Chief Cook

B Gomes


Clan Line

Union-Castle / Safmarine

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