1973 - June

Southampton Castle

Left Southampton

1 June

For South Africa

S.A. Oranje

Left Southampton

8 June

For South Africa

Windsor Castle

Left Southampton

15 June

For South Africa

Good Hope Castle

Left Southampton

22 June

Abandoned 29 June

Edinburgh Castle

Left Southampton

29 June

For South Africa


M N Ure

R Thomson

H Charnley

R J Miller

J Catterall

Staff Commander

A Wigham

C Walgate

Chief Officer

A Slack

F Yeulett

Second Officer

A MacDonald

A Fussell

A Blackburn

Extra Second Officer

M Ward

D Thomson

Third Officer

P Ashcroft


R Hanratty

A Gladman

A Aston

A Weller

P Drew


D Perry

W Ross


B Jones

B Ladrowski

T Collett

Snr Master-at-Arms

G Leach

E Jaffray

Jnr Master-at-Arms

I Leal

E Gibson

First Radio Officer

R Hough

J Walker

Second Radio Officer

G Walker

H McColl

Third Radio Officer

J Cardownie

P Dixon-Carter

Fourth Radio Officer

P Sullivan

P West


J Latham

J Morgan

Nursing Sister

T Sanders

R Hunter


J Hogg

Chief Engineer

S Harron

F Benham

J Hughes

First Engineer

D Hill

W Robertson

Second Engineer

G Blakey

M Burton

Extra Second Engineer

K Standen

T Paterson

Jnr Second Engineer

I Tucker

J Jarvis

T Hudson

D Clegg

Snr Third Engineer

J Goodrum

A Hickman

Int Third Engineer

M Davies

R Hurst

Jnr Third Engineer

F Sansom

I Bruce

Snr Fourth Engineer

R Skee

F Dyson

Int Fourth Engineer

T Usher

D Hayes

Jnr Fourth Engineer

D Norman

W Braidwood

Junior Engineer

P Parker

N Cureton

M Milwain

M Maunders

R Conibeer

R Starkie

A Dobbie

P Herron

Chief Frig Engineer

P Yuile

J Ringshaw

Second Frig Engineer

W Patterson

R Alpha

Third Frig Engineer

G Hendry

First Electrician

G Forrester

H Gregson

Second Electrician

D Allen

M O’Sullivan

J Towler

Third Electrician

J Fernandez

D Raynes

Jnr Electrician

R Grant

A Cantrill

Senior Mechanic

G Wraight

D Baxendale

ER Storekeeper

K Le Gallais

J Broadwell

ER Leading Hand

G Lothian

C Barker

Chief Purser

J Dimmock

O Parry-Williams


K Underwood

C Dellar

Purser Catering

D Padmore

C Dawkins

Second Purser

M Fletcher

A Charlesworth

Second Purser Catering

R Ledbury

C Haysom

Third Pursers

D Tooze

P Reynolds

D Chance

M Saffin

J Peck

Third Purser Catering

C Murray

R Ward

Junior Pursers

A Whitehouse

C Winstanley

A Read

G Fraser

M Wheatley

D Bull

A Cruttenden

Junior Purser Catering

J Winckle

Children’s Hostess

S Lampkin

M Gifford

Chief Barman

L Farrow

A Young


A Haymes

S Bain

Linen Steward

I Mears

L Robertson

Head Waiter (1st Class)

W Miller

T McIntosh

First Tourist Steward

M Bridgeman

P Fitzpatrick

Head Waiter (Tourist)

R Skevington

M Proctor

Band Leader

J Skene

T Jones


W Cronin

J Beavis


H Laight

P King


J Leslie

J Findlay


R Martin

R Mouncher


J Meehan

A Pond


Second Mate’s Certificate

Deck and Radio Officers

P Simpson

D Tweedy

To Second Officer

To Third Officer

Deck  and Radio Officers

J Barton

P Simpson

D Tweedy


To Second Engineer

To Junior Second Engineer

To Third Engineer

To Fourth Engineer

To Third Frig Engineer

Engineer Officers

J Miller

S Robb

S Rogers

R Fido

A Campbell

D Carver

J Colbe

G Collins

R Ashley

2nd Class Motor


Engineer Officers

R V Nelson

J Vetcher

To Asst PCO

To Second Purser Catering

To Third Purser

Pursers & Catering Dept

T N Clark

P Fealey

A H J Donald

Cargo Service

Rotherwick Castle

Left Cardiff

5 June

For South Africa


G Cochrane

Chief Officer

B King

Second Officer

J Kolout

Third Officer

L Martin


F Mack

Radio Officer

A Willis


G Marshall

Chief Engineer

R Innes

Second Engineer

H Gourlay

Jnr Second Engineer

B Hargraves

Third Engineer

G Etherson

Fourth Engineer

D Nixon

Junior Engineer

A Roots

B Carr

Engineer Cadets

J Halligan

Chief Frig Engineer

R Crowe


W Lewis


A Turner

Purser/Catering Officer

J Foley

Chief Cook

P Hockey

Second Steward

D Stannard

Clan MacNab

Left London

5 June

For South Africa & Mauritius

Clan MacLean

Left Genoa

6 June

For South Africa & Beira

Clan MacNair

Left Birkenhead

14 June

For Red Sea Ports

Clan Malcolm

Left Birkenhead

23 June

For India


G Gann

R Olden

I Williamson

T Young

Chief Officer

R Robertson

D Pope

A Flenley

P Atkinson

Cadet Training Officer

M Slayman

Second Officer

C Vickers

R Thomas

A Mohamed

T Alder

Third Officer

A Robinson

D Hughes

A Papworth

J Forbes-Simpson


A Nkana

S Alsop

A Chambi

D Kalua

T Chiswada

F Chilalika

P Hooper

S Manson

M Swaffield

A Reading

N Jones

A Gale

T Culpin

J Thorburn

D Thomson

M Light

A Welcome

Radio Officer

J Parry

C Daniel

D Abbey

M Braime


A Jones

G Shute

H McCourt

G Radford


H Ahmed

P Biswas

H Nath

D Banerjee

Chief Engineer

I Laing

D Seath

J Fraser

A Stoddart

Second Engineer

F Jayasinghe

L Harding

J Black

A Deuskar

Jnr Second Engineer

D Butterworth

J Ingram

D Robinson

R Atkins

Third Engineer

J Walker

D Pope

A Greensides

K Wilson

Fourth Engineer

J Sankey

A Jamieson

G Duffy

A John

Junior Engineer

I Wright

R Samuel

K Bullock

I Webster

B Musgrave

A Wight

R Rutherford

T Torbett

Engineer Cadets

D Hall


A McIntee

M McDonald

R Dixon

W Cole


S Meah

R Sarker

A Ganguly

S Roy

Purser/Catering Officer

J Jones

W Divers

J Godwin

E Jones

Asst PCO

R Houston

Chief Cook

M Prodhan


J Gomes

Md Israil

Second Steward

A Ahmed


A Razzaq

Md Yusuph

Clan Line

Union-Castle / Safmarine

Union-Castle Line

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