Argyllshire (1)



Years in Service


Argyllshire (1)


1933 transferred to Clan Line

renamed Clan Urquhart (2),

1937 scrapped.


At Melbourne in her WW1 war paint

Dazzle paint, making it difficult to identify her from her outline

22 August - 9th September 1914 converted at Cockatoo Island Drydock, Sydney to transport 845 troops and 392 horses

18 October 1914 departed Sydney with 1st Field Artillery Brigade as Headquarters, 1st & 2nd Battery (Complete) & the 3rd Battery (Main less 7 men that boarded A6 Clan MacCorquodale), their Brigade Ammunition Column (less 48 men that boarded A4 Pera), One Senior Medical Officer (Captain) Two Chaplains (Methodist & RC) & Two Nurses. Total compliment of 830 persons of the AIF as 30 Officers, 2 Sergeants and 798 other ranks. The 2 nurses were signed aboard as civilians. 373 horses were also boarded

1st November 1914 assembled with the first convoy at King George's Sound, Albany Western Australia in transporting the First Detachment of the Australian and New Zealand Imperial Expeditionary Forces

Completed seven transport voyages from Australia commencing 18 October 1914 until final voyage from Fremantle 9th November 1916

During that time carried multiple Infantry Battalion Reinforcements, multiple Division Ammunition Column Reinforcements, multiple Light Horse Regiment Reinforcements, Mobile Veterinary Sections and their Reinforcements, multiple Field Artillery Battery Brigade Reinforcements, Brigade Ammunition Column Field Artillery Brigades, Field Ambulance Divisions & Medical Officers

27th May 1915 targetted by submarine where two torpedoes missed her

Service in WW1 - Australian Troop Transport HMAT A8

Torpedoed but not Sunk in The English Channel - 1917

2nd February 1917

Three miles off Start Point she was hit by torpedo fired from UC-46 but reached Falmouth safely on the 5th February 1917

Argyllshire - Art Gallery

Review - April 1969

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