David Dawson

Just to say I served on the UC mailboats from 1966 - 1981   from Jnr Engineer up to Jnr 2nd Engineer..................

Pendennis Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Windsor Castle

Pretoria Castle - SA Orange   was on at the changeover ceremony

SA Vaal   was on at the opening of Richards Bay

Kinnaird Castle

Reina del Mar

It was the " best years of my Life" now nearly 65 and retired , will be at the Pursers Reunion in Southampton in September

Ships sailed on:

Clan MacGregor
Pendennis Castle
Clan MacClennan
Clan MacTaggart
SA Oranje
Windsor Castle
Clan Sutherland (took her to China)
SA Vaal
Nicholas Bowater
Kinnaird Castle
Edinburgh Castle
Reina del Mar
Clan Graham
Everett F Wells
Clan Grant

J2E on Reina Del Mar 1974

Jnr Engineer Clan MacLennan 1965

Kinnaird Castle - off Mombasa on a trip with chippie Tom Newstead and Kelvin Euridge

Kinnaird Castle First XI

back row :- Dave. Dave Dunnet, Paddy Parker Chief Eng Bob Furguson, Mike , Paul

front row:- Jacko, Steve, Me, John, Kelvin Euridge

unbeaten in 10 games including 6-0 agin the Germans, 3-0 agin the Italians, and 4-0 against the Zulu crew who played in bare feet......magnificent set of cadets....

Kinnaird Castle

Christmas 1972

From Walvis Bay it is a short walk to the Namib Desert

Crossing the line Ceremony "Kinnaird Castle" on the East Africa run round the Cape.

Jacob’s Ladder on St Helena

Davy in 2012

Older but obviously no wiser.

Remember Wembley 1981

On SA Oranje Dept Southampton Feb 21st 1969

Captain’s Cocktail Party

From left to right
A Hornsey 2nd fridge eng officer
T Ruddy Sen 4th eng officer
W Park 3rd elec eng officer
D Dawson Int 3rd eng officer (me)

 W Davidson Jnr eng officer
G Kennedy Ext 2nd eng officer
B Dickson 2nd elec eng officer
J Taylor Jnr 4th eng officer
J Donald Snr 3rd eng officer
F Cundy Int 4th eng officer

"Clan Maclennan" left London 3rd Dec '66 for South and East Africa.

L-R G Ravi J/2/E, G Beatram J/E, R Tedford Chippie, Alan Melia C/O, J Sanderson R/O, R Hobson 3/O, Me, Peter Howard 2/O.

This was taken in Piraeus on the way home, compliments of the ships chandler, the one and only freeby i got as an engineer.

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