Mark Coultas

E-mail 2/03/08

Hello Owen

I've just found your site via Ships Nostalgia.

My seagoing B & C "CV"

January 1981 Engineer Cadet, Clan Alpine. (Ship sold)

January - May 1981 Engineer Cadet, King Alfred

June-December 1981 Engineer Cadet, Table Bay. (I was there at the handover to OCL)

February-June 1983 Junior Engineer, Scottish Eagle

October 1983 - March 1984 Junior Engineer, Scottish Eagle

July-November 1984, Junior Engineer, Scottish Lion. (Promoted temp Third Engineer for last 4 weeks)

March-August 1985, Junior Engineer, Scottish Eagle

February-May 1986, Third Engineer, Scottish Eagle. I was B & C's last Third Engineer, as Scottish Eagle was sold 1st May 1986 at Southampton.

FYI, my uncle was Manager of the Clan Line office in Manchester, his father, Captain E. Coultas, was Master of many Company vessels & died in 1946. My cousin also worked for B & C until the early 1980s.

I'm still at sea, serving in Gas Carriers for EMS. Chief Engineer for over 18 years now.

Best regards

Mark Coultas

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