Tim Culpin

Dear Owen

What a fantastic web site – fascinating!

My father was Captain A J (Big Jim) Culpin – sadly he died in 1967 pretty much as a result of the long term damage the Malta Convoy did to him.  It left him with thrombosis which by and large is what got him in the end.  I do not recall him as being morose (no offence taken) – he was always pretty jolly in the family context, but I do think the office job wore him down and I think sometimes he would rather have stayed afloat.

My godmother was that remarkable lady Paula Black, Captain Black’s wife – we always knew him as Murray. She was a fearsome lady who as I believe it caused havoc on whatever ship she was allowed to coast on – not sure she ever got deep sea!

My godfather was Captain Robert Pape who I believe was Master on the Capetown when the air bottle blew up in the engine room. (Actually he was not, Capetown Castle was commanded by Captain W Byles at the time of the tragedy).

I joined B&C as a deck cadet in 1973 and sailed on Clan Malcolm, Clan Grant, Hector Heron, King George and finally as 4th Mate on Windsor Castle – what a fantastic ship she was.  I left B&C in 1976 joining Panocean Anco then on to Swire Pacific where I got command in 1982.  I finally swallowed the anchor in 1987 and went to University to read law.  I am now a practicing solicitor specialising in road transport law.

Please add my details to the list.  Sadly I can see very few names of those I sailed with but would love to hear from old ship mates

Kind regards

Yours sincerely

Tim Culpin


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Noon sights on the starboard bridge wing of Clan Ramsay in the south Atlantic in August 1975.

Tim Culpin, 2nd or 3rd Mate on left, deck cadet on right.

Taken through the Radio Room window.

Given that Tim joined in 73 I suspect that he too was a cadet

Photo taken by Andy Skarstein

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