Capt A J Culpin ‘Big Jim’


Seniority date 30.3.1938

Captain Culpin was Chief Officer of the "Rochester Castle" (Captain Wren in command) when she was one of six surviving vessels from the Malta convoy Operation Pedestal.

(U-C Chronicle)

I, like many other deck officers, came into contact with 'Big Jim' as he was often referred to, when he was assistant to Captain Wilcock in the London office.   

He appeared to me to be a somewhat morose man but then he was in the office at the start of the Company's decline when officers started resigning almost en mass. (the day I resigned he told Captain Hart "he's the third today.")


In 1962 Captain Culpin interviewed me as a prospective deck cadet.

The interview was in Cayzer House and was the first job interview I had ever had. I was 16 at the time.

He was willing to accept me into the company but only after I had completed a year at pre-sea college. This I completed at King Edward VII Nautical College


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