Sir W A Codrington


Second Mate, "Elbe Ore" 1967 (from B&C Review June 19670

Sir William Codrington was 2nd Mate of the Mail Ship's in the late 50's early 60's.

Very popular he had a lively sense of humour telling the story of how there came to be to Sir William Codrington Bart.   

Sadly he said he was the one without the money!

Bill Codrington left Union-Castle and joined World Wide Shipping where he was until he retired.

He died in December 2006, his funeral was on the 12th.  


Sir Bill on right as Chief Officer of Sarah Bowater in 1968

There have been two baronetcies created for members of the Codrington family, one in the Baronetage of Great Britain and one in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom. The family was for a long time connected with Dodington Park.

The Codrington Baronetcy, of Dodington in the County of Gloucester, was created in the Baronetage of Great Britain on 21 April 1721 for William Codrington. He later represented Minehead in the House of Commons. The second Baronet sat as Member of Parliament for Beverley and Tewkesbury. He disinherited his son Sir William, the third Baronet, and bequeathed his estates to his nephew Christopher Bethell-Codrington(1764-1843),[1] the eldest son of his brother Edward Codrington, fourth son of the first Baronet. Christopher became Member of Parliament for Tewkesbury.

Three other members of the Codrington family have also gained distinction. Sir Edward Codrington, son of Edward Codrington, younger brother of Christopher Bethell-Codrington, was an Admiral in the Royal Navy and a hero of the Battle of Trafalgar. His elder son Sir William Codrington was a Lieutenant-General in the Army and represented Greenwich in the House of Commons, while his younger son Sir Henry Codrington became an Admiral of the Fleet.

Codrington baronets, of Dodington (1721)

Sir William Codrington, 1st Baronet (d. 1738)

Sir William Codrington, 2nd Baronet (1719-1792)

Sir William Codrington, 3rd Baronet (c. 1737-1816)

Sir William Raimond Codrington, 4th Baronet (1805-1873)

Sir William Mary Joseph Codrington, 5th Baronet (1829-1904)

Sir William Robert Codrington, 6th Baronet (1867-1932)

Sir William Richard Codrington, 7th Baronet (1904-1961)

Sir William Alexander Codrington, 8th Baronet (1934-2006)

Sir Giles Peter Codrington, 9th Baronet (b. 1943)

The heir apparent to the baronetcy is Christopher Harry Codrington (born 1988), eldest son of the 9th Baronet.

Norships Ocean Carriers Limited was formed in London in 1956 by George Nicolau, a London based Greek owner who had started business in 1933 and in 1936 had created the management company Ships Finance and Management Limited.

Starting business with the tanker LORD CANNING, between 1957 and 1959, Norships took delivery of three new general cargo ships named LORD BYRON, LORD CODRINGTON and LORD GLADSTONE.

In 1966 LORD CANNING was transferred to the Greek flag and renamed LORD LLOYD GEORGE.

Here is LORD CODRINGTON in the Thames, possibly passing the entrance of the Royal Docks inbound for West India Dock

From the General Botha Old Boys Association Muster List

1952 joined Anglo Saxon Petroleum Co (Shell Tankers) as apprentice, promoted to 2nd Officer.

1960 joined Union Castle Mail Steamship Co. until 1972 when Chief Officer.

Included 5 years as Cadet Training Officer both ashore and afloat.

1973 joined Gulf Oil Tankers and served in command of their tankers until 1976.

Then joined World Wide Shipping Agency in command and served at sea until 1979 when came ashore in Hong Kong as Port Captain and presently (1996) in charge of group safety, training and environment with various ancillary responsibilities.

Also serving on assorted nautical and educational committees in Hong Kong.

Appointed a Director of World Wide Shipping Agency on the 1st of January 1994.

1998 retired in London but acts as Marine Advisor to World Wide Shipping Agency.

Deceased 01/12/2006.

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