Nina Bowater

Nina Bowater

Artist - Robert Lloyd

cJune 1976 in Corner Brook

On the extreme left is Capt Colin Gowans, next to him is Chief Officer Richard Mennell

As Kretan Glory

From James Lowe

In June of 1980 I was on a Canadian ship in Tampa Florida. when a Panamanian ship was towed into Tampa Barge Services.

It had anchored outside the port and when Coast Guard went to find out why?  They found the crew starving and out of money. Abandonded by the owners. It was in good condition with no rust.

Under the green hull paint was the raised lettering of "Nina Bowater". The authorities said that the machinery was in good order.

What happened to her afterwards I do not know.

Launch of Nina Bowater - 1958

In The St Lawrence Seaway

The Ship’s Company - 1976

Nina Bowater - Art Gallery

Life after Bowaters

Nina Bowater in The Mersey

Painted by David Hawker

Final Run to Liverpool NS - 1973

Clansman - Feb / Mar 1974

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