Gladys Bowater

A Season on The Great Lakes

A record kept by Mike Worth, Third Officer and P H Dathan, Second Officer (died April 2015)

Whilst doing a very long overdue sort out of the loft I came across these facts and figures from the 1970 Lakes season on GLADYS BOWATER.

30th March 1970 to 6th Dec 1970. (RFWE Cornerbrook to RFA Escomains)

Duration 250 days 19hr 06 mins.

Cargo carried:

366527 Long tons

Newsprint Rolls: 51914

Length of Paper: 311848 miles ( London to New York:103.5 Times)

Port Time: 84 days 16hr 42mins

Montreal . Bunkers, Stores> ice delay etc . 4 days 23hrs 19mins

Nights in Port 1800>0600 :: 73


Passage Dist: 41863 nm

Steam Dist: 32386 nm

Pilotage: 9477 nm

Pilots: 191

Tie up/let go: 712

Locks: 240

Bridges: 578

No. of Ports: 30

M.V. Gladys Bowater

Returning after a Lakes Season Nov 1970.

Suffering from Ice Accretion in the Gulf of St Lawrence.

In the Welland Canal

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