1876 - March

Union Line

Mail Service


6 March


15 March


25 March


S R Caines

T A Coathupe

G Larmer

Chief Officer

A McLean-Wait

R A Leigh

F Wilson

Second Officer

W Bainbridge

D A Bremer

J G Greenbridge

Third Officer

J H Roberts

T Perrin

C H Penny

Fourth Officer

W F Clark

F Gray

W O Diver

Chief Engineer

J Crookston

T Waddel

A B Jack

Second Engineer

F W Shortridge

E Elmer

J C Clark

Third Engineer

J Chadwick

J H Black

J Dawson


L Newnham

J S Gibbons

F Boase

Chief Steward

J Chalk

J C Hobbs

J E Halford

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