1910 - April

Mail Service

Balmoral Castle

2 April

Armadale Castle

16 April

Walmer Castle

30 April


R Rendall

F J Moseley

S C Brown

Chief Officer

J B Whitton

J Lewis

H B Piers

Second Officer

T A Jones

E A Singeisen

E S Vincent

Third Officer

W Weller

E R Crouch

D Nicoll

Fourth Officer

A E Castle

A Alderson

A G Wyllie

A K Lyons

G R Parker

B W King

Chief Engineer

J W Forbes

R Dow

H Black

Second Engineer

W Bain

G C Boden

A Neiles

Third Engineer

W McCullough

C W Witt

W M MacDonald

Fourth Engineer

J K McMath

J Miller

L C Wright

Fifth Engineer

J Smeaton

O N Holtzman

T Allan

S R Clingan

R Kirkwood

W D Grant

Sixth Engineer

J G Carnegie

J Tuloch

E Bateson

F P Bruce

J H Andrews

A Hutchinson

Seventh Engineer

J Oliphant

J E Charnock

R G Robertson

M McLeod

L H Douglas

J E Wilkins

Eighth Engineer

J Sim

H D Cameron

A R Pearson

Ninth Engineer

G R Stephen

G B Scott

G Robertson


G M Fretten

C E Maile

T H MacFie


R W Evans

C J Gilbert

W Hart

Asst Purser

L H Gwynne

J H Thom

Chief Steward

J Bonet

A J Francis

N A Wall

Cargo Service

Corfe Castle

23 April


26 April


D H Hoskins

M D Butterwick

Chief Officer

F Smith

G Sinclair

Second Officer

T C Goldstone

J H MacMillan

Third Officer

R Carlisle

C B Walker

Chief Engineer

A Munro

J McCance

Second Engineer

T Wood

W N Imray

Third Engineer

J W Hodgson

S Brebner

Fourth Engineer

J Salter

W Maxwell

Chief Steward

W Permain

M J Elleugh

Union-Castle Line

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