1975 - February


Second Mate’s Certificate

Deck and Radio Officers

A G Snell

To Master

To Chief Officer

To Third Officer

To Fourth Officer

Deck  and Radio Officers

G B Charleson

M G Ward

A G Snell

D M Rae

R C Plumley

N J Bennett

J G Sweetman


To Second Engineer

To Jnr Second Engineer

To Third Engineer

To Fourth Engineer

To Junior Engineer

Engineer Officers

P J O’Brien-Hill

D S Clegg

K Thibbotumunuwe

T I Dunlop

R Conibeer

I M Cochran

J P Richardson

D Clark

G Henderson

W P Williams

K M P Hill

I J Thompson

W H Bound

A P Fox

A B Netherton

D Waite

S Martin

R J Bush

D W Smith

P A Stow

To Asst Purser Catering

To Third Purser


N K Targett

S G Campbell

A E Connor

M Boyle

C J Smith

1st Class Motor


2nd Class Motor


2nd Class Steam


Engineer Officers

N Rattenbury

G Yeaman

P C Gillies

A Young

K Euridge

Mail Service

S.A. Vaal

Left Southampton

14 February

For South Africa

Pendennis Castle

Left Southampton

21 February

For South Africa

Southampton Castle

Left Southampton

28 February

For South Africa


D Sowden

P St Q Beadon

M Ure

Staff Commander

K Bennett

A Wigham

Chief Officer

J Madge

D Innes

A Flenley

Second Officer

D Hawker

R Wadham

R Thomas

Extra Second Officer

A Norman

B Goldsworthy

Third Officer

R Pawley

P B Harrison

Fourth Officer

M Wise


S Theunissen

N Dobson

S P Harris

G A McEwan

A V Gale


C Breward

R Walker


A Weaver

L E O’Neill

Snr Master-at-Arms

E Jaffray

W Peckham

Jnr Master-at-Arms

P Brown

W Bridger

First Radio Officer

W Eckersley

R Hough

M MacDonald

Second Radio Officer

P Pegg

R Mercer

Third Radio Officer

J Cardownie

R Lee-Smith

Fourth Radio Officer

A Taylor

A Forrest


D Reid

R Crozier

Nursing Sister

A Evans

D White

Chief Engineer

R Crook

R Somers

K R Talbot

First Engineer

P Brown

W Deacon

A Cunningham

Second Engineer

J Field

B Gillott

J Austermuhle

Extra Second Engineer

S Fountain

P Santamera

Jnr Second Engineer

J Goodrum

C Richards

B Maynard

M O’Meara

L E Edwards

Snr Third Engineer

J Jarvis

Int Third Engineer

D Smithson

Jnr Third Engineer

A Wight

D Hayes

Snr Fourth Engineer

A Richardson

N Lindsay

Int Fourth Engineer

M Fishlock

B Kear

Junior Engineer

P Stow

A Fox

I Walker

W Fogarty

P Gibson

S Hall

D Wright

A McGilvray

K T Webber

P Williams

N C Judge

D G Tan

R W Cuthbert

Engineer Cadets

M Love

S Hopkins

Chief Frig Engineer

G McGregor

P Yuile

L Block

Second Frig Engineer

T Rolfe

A Nellis

Third Frig Engineer

D Chalker

First Electrician

D Thorpe

H Windsor

D Tucker

Second Electrician

D Allen

P Richards

A Pengelly

Third Electrician

F McCulloch

Jnr Electrician

J Brzezinsk

S Peacock

Senior Mechanic

W Jones

G R Serjeant

W J Symons


ER Storekeeper

G Lothian

G Wan

T C Allen

ER Leading Hand

R Cutler

F Pimley

Chief Purser

D Wickenden

A Hodge


M Mears

J McFadyen

Purser/Catering Officer

R Jones

Purser Catering

G Waugh

D Padmore

Second Purser

M Warner

M Fletcher

Second Purser Catering

K Hanson

D Kershaw

Third Pursers

N Schofield

D Hamilton

Third Purser Catering

R Jones

D Merrell

Junior Pursers

A Berber

F Moldenhauer

J Puttock

P Trangmar

Junior Purser Catering

B Turner


A Marais

Children’s Hostess

J Nelson

C Hutchinson

Chief Barman

F Hubbard

L O’Dell


J Hunt

Linen Steward

F Ross

Head Waiter (1st Class)

H Sullivan

Head Waiter (Tourist)

A Walmsley

Band Leader

H Taylor

M Seidman


L Creed

B Eastland

M Martin

Second Steward

H L Morgan


A Painter

H Shearman


J Burton

H Bean

Clan MacLaren

As at 1 February

Clan Matheson

As at 28 February


L H Bainton

R M Bessant

Chief Officer

G D Mobbs

A S Hill

Cadet Training Officer

I Cuthbertson

Second Officer

J E Dingle

L A Martin

Fourth Officer

R A Bacon

C Cooke


M W Ashford

S A Fell

A R Wilson

C Goudie

C Waters

K D Lee

I MacAnna

S T Collins

Radio Officer

D M Gibbs

E C Stout


T Newstead

M A Coles


A K Banerjee


Chief Engineer

L Brown

T E Mayers

Second Engineer

P W Manuelpillai

J H Groves

Jnr Second Engineer

D H Robinson

V Hamilton

Third Engineer

I J Margetson

J H Robinson

Fourth Engineer

N R White

N G Lang

Junior Engineer

R G Rowe

I E Rumsey

T Bryceland

C Miller


R B Kelley

Second Electrician

D F Rafters


Abdul Jabbarx

Purser/Catering Officer

R Houston

D M Duff

Asst PCO

M F Telford

Chief Cook

B Gomes


Clan Line

Union-Castle / Safmarine

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