1974 - October

The Cargo Service

The Bulk Cargo & Bowater Services



Left Southampton

4 October

For South Africa



Left Southampton

11 October

For South Africa



Left Southampton

18 October

For South Africa

Good Hope


Left Southampton

25 October

For South Africa


M Ure

R Miller

H Charnley

P S G Eckford

Staff Commander

A Wigham

O Barnsley

Chief Officer

A Flenley

I Currie

F Yeulett

A G Cruikshank

Second Officer

R Thomas

J Third

T Nixon

M Brown

Extra Second Officer

L Martin

J Price

R Wadham

A Gorringe

Third Officer

P Harrison

A Tiddy

N Purdon

Fourth Officer

W De Villiers

P D Pelizzari

S Goddings


S P Harris

J Cochrane-Barnett

J McWhirter

C Arnold

M P Stevens


H Hale

D Perry


G A Stevens

D Collins

B Jones

E Petty

Snr Master-at-Arms

V C Hood

R Lloyd

Jnr Master-at-Arms

B P Mann

P Runciman

First Radio Officer

M MacDonald

S Harden

R Wilson

Second Radio Officer

R C Perks

K Watkins

Third Radio Officer

A Willis

Fourth Radio Officer

A Pettie

G Smith

G Barnes


R G Caircross

J Latham

Nursing Sister

M O’Doherty

H Tinker


C Nowacki

Chief Engineer

A MacIntyre

R Gemmell

S Harron

K Talbot

First Engineer

J Austermuhle

A Garside

D Hill

J P Hughes

Second Engineer

P O’Brien-Hill

L Ord

J Field

E Pailthorpe

Extra Second Engineer

B Cooper

K Fielder

Jnr Second Engineer

S Rogers

S Robb

G Knox

J Oakman

T Norris

R Hislop

J Stoodley

W Croston

Snr Third Engineer

M Rowan

Int Third Engineer

J Sibbald

J Lawson

Jnr Third Engineer

D Norman

D Tomlinson

Snr Fourth Engineer

R C Willis

J Morrison

Int Fourth Engineer

K Austin

I Bowman

Jnr Fourth Engineer

J Powell

D Daley

Junior Engineer

D P Wood

J Taylor

P Williams

W Payne

A Steel

D Hutton

K Bunn

J Halligan

S Witherden

A Humpish

J Kelly

C Buckingham

J G Cowan

A C Chivers

Engineer Cadets

R D Harris

A J Grieves

Chief Frig Engineer

L Block

J Wade

W Falconer

J E Scott

Second Frig Engineer

T Maunders

Third Frig Engineer

P Hastings

First Electrician

A Pengelley

T G Stallard

G Forrester

A Moir

Second Electrician

T Philps

N Ayres

Third Electrician

D Arnold

L Darcy

Senior Mechanic

W Symons

G Ball

P Grigg

K Richards

ER Storekeeper

T C Allen

T Andrews

D Woodford

K Le Gallais

ER Leading Hand

P Wellman

G Carter

Chief Purser

W Eastmond

J Dimmock


G F Cartwright

M Fletcher

Purser/Catering Officer

R Jones

R Rex

Purser Catering

D Gilburt

W Fleetwood

Second Purser

D Tooze

J Tickner

Second Purser Catering

M C Bridgeman

R Ledbury

C Murray

T M Robertson

Third Pursers

M Boyle

S G Campbell

P Robertson

Third Purser Catering

P Reynolds

W Black

Junior Pursers

A Whitehead

C Martin

P Trangmar

M Fisk

R Harris

Junior Purser Catering

E Fisher

Children’s Hostess

R Cations

C Amis

Chief Barman

B Watts

P Beech


D Hughes

A Haymes

Linen Steward

K Finch

Head Waiter (1st Class)

W Miller

First Tourist Steward

M Stokes

Head Waiter (Tourist)

B Gibbs

R Skevington

Band Leader

P Cunningham

J Skene


C Etheridge

J Sumpton


B Eastland

H Laight


C L Thornton

J Leslie


D Culliman

L Newman


B Driver

The Mail Service



As at

16 October



As at

18 October



As at

31 October


F G King

R R Will

P R Kent

Chief Officer

H M Jones

D McWilliam

R G Smith

Second Officer

K R Bark

C R Lisher

C Bunyan

Third Officer

M J Weston

A J Gladman

S Foster


C J Edwards

P Lewis

R E Heeley

K P Davie

Radio Officer

T J Martel

R M Lee-Smith

R Caine


S Gray



C K Marshall

M J Luthuli

Chief Engineer

R Ferguson

R W Welch

A Coults

Second Engineer

A Mortimer

R V Nelson

W P Pemble

Jnr Second Engineer

J M Kibela

J E Gardner

Third Engineer

G G Etherson

D Clarke

A M Cantrill

Extra Third Engineer

A D Milne

Fourth Engineer

K P Hislop

A J Gladman

I R Baker

Junior Engineer

E Seneviratne

P B Dawe

H Jelfer

I M Ellison

R F Rhodes

R S Moore

Engineer Cadets

R H Bendall

G J Cormack

M I Nicholls


B Skyner

A A Dawson

F Fletcher

Purser/Catering Officer

P Glass

C A Cavanagh

Asst PCO

N Procter

Chief Cook

M Gomes

T E Gilling

T M Msomi

Second Steward

W Barnes


As at

22 October



As at

22 October



As at

22 October



As at

28 October


G E Trowsdale

G Thomson

B S Biggs

L Bainton

Chief Officer

R D Cox

E Talbot

J Isbester

P Fawcett

Extra Chief Officer

R Dobbie

Second Officer

D Hart

R W Gebbie

J R Harris

T Tollervey

Third Officer

J R Hart

C J R Williams

R Sisson


M J Brook

M Birch

G M Zupan

C M Turner

C A Neave

R Chadney

Radio Officer

J N Duckworth

D Galbraith

M Eskins

A Sawyer


G Shute


L Hossain

W D Moody

D P Banerjee

R Hanson

Chief Engineer

H P Aitken

A Brudenell

J Fraser

G Kennedy

Second Engineer

G Herd

J A Bell

W R Grant

M Jennings

Jnr Second Engineer

L Atkinson

C McGrotty

G S Evans

Third Engineer

J K Stephens

W Ogilvie

B Evans

I O’Rourke

Fourth Engineer

M Walker

A Marriner

R Pakuza

Junior Engineer

R Soper

C Alford

J D Walker

R Mennie

M Vickers

Engineer Cadets

C S Scriven

M P Crane

P Annand

G Upham


A Reid

R Rennie

F Fletcher

M Scrivens


K Paul

Purser/Catering Officer

D W Howell

D Cryle

L D White

I Hurst

Chief Cook

A Monaf

M J Borg

P Gomez

J Bowie

Second Steward

D Mealing

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