1973 - December

The Cargo Service

The Bulk Cargo Service

The Mail Service



Left London

6 December

For E Africa



Left Birkenhead

12 December

For India



Left Birkenhead

29 December

For South Africa & Beira


G Gann

D Richards

T Parsons

Chief Officer

D Funnell

A Rapkin

W Sutherland

Second Officer

A Mohamed

J Barton

J Dick

Third Officer

J Pink

M Keast

M Williams


M Swaffield

N Purdon

T Culpin

Radio Officer

D Galbraith

D Young

R Lee-Smith


A Jones

P MacDermott

T O’Leary


B Rahman

B Roy

P Biswas

Chief Engineer

P Wilson

A Kenny

A Brudenell

Second Engineer

F Jayasinghe

W Grant

D McLardie

Jnr Second Engineer

G Spurr

A Windebank

J Logan

Third Engineer

W MacIntyre

M Jary

C Vallance

Fourth Engineer

G Duffy

K Thibbotumunuwe

P Miller

Junior Engineer

R Samuel

B Nicholson

M Ritch

G Zimber

I Webster

K Hill

Engineer Cadets

N Hodgson


P Pepper

K Dodds

P Bennett


F Ali

D Biswas

R Sarker

Purser/Catering Officer

J Jones

W McLeod

G Peachey

Chief Cook

J Prodhania

M Naik

A Hamid



As at

10 December



As at

10 December


I Shearer

E Owen

Chief Officer

D Morris

E Talbot

Second Officer

D Colley

R Day

Third Officer

C Parkinson

J Hughes


S Cant

L Wigmore

D Ayling

Radio Officer

J Wright

J Duckworth


J Farquhar

D Moody

Chief Engineer

J Platt

A Jemison

Second Engineer

J Black

J Pitman

Jnr Second Engineer

G Evans

J Erskine

Third Engineer

I Cowley

C Gant

Fourth Engineer

A Derbyshire

Junior Engineer

R Galbraith

R Lunn

Engineer Cadets

D Milne


R Rennie

D Livesey

Purser/Catering Officer

J King

C Cavanagh

Chief Cook

K Jackson

R Wilkinson

Second Steward

D Grant

J Robertson


Master’s Certificate

First Mate’s Certificate

Second Mate’s Certificate

Marine Electronics

Deck and Radio Officers

J E N Hoar

N M Butterfield

S H Gledhill

C S Marman

R H White

R M Thomas

R S Wadham

S D Cobley

D Mugalu

D Hart

J W Gray

K Watkins

R Miller

To Master

To Chief Officer

To Second Officer

To Third Officer

Deck  and Radio Officers

J Brackenridge

F H Murray

R W Speight

S D Cobley

D Mugalu


To Second Engineer

To Junior Second Engineer

To Third Engineer

To Fourth Engineer

Engineer Officers

A Bloor

J Bone

L Hibberd

J Baldwin

T Peebles

M Jennings

R V Nelson

E Poate

B Evans

J Gladwin

A Clubb

R Kinder

P Smith

M Devine

W Caitens

G Stephen

G Newman

P Cantrill

D Norman

F Leavers

J Morrison

R Milwain

P Coultas

N Lindsay

A Dent

1st Class Motor


1st Class Steam


2nd Class Motor


Engineer Officers

J F Pitman

L L Ord

R T J Ward

R McLean

P A Calderwood

To Purser

To Purser Catering

To 2nd Purser Catering

To 3rd Purser Catering

Pursers & Catering Dept

J McFadyen

W B Fleetwood

C G Dawkins

K G McGinty

P A Stubbs

W J Black

D A Sutton

J M Winckle

D L Chilver



Left Southampton

21 December

For South Africa



Left Southampton

28 December

For South Africa


R Thomson

R Miller

Staff Commander

A Wigham

O Barnsley

Chief Officer

N Combes

F Yeulett

Second Officer

C Marman

C Bagwell

Extra Second Officer

D King

R Wadham

Third Officer

A Tiddy

D Mercer

Fourth Officer

R Martin

J Harboard


A Van Rensburg

S Gobbi


O Griffiths

D Perry


D Collins

B Jones

Snr Master-at-Arms

H Johnson

G Leach

Jnr Master-at-Arms

L Fergus

I Leal

First Radio Officer

W Eckersley

R Hough

Second Radio Officer

R Perks

K Watkins

Third Radio Officer

R Miller

J Cardownie

Fourth Radio Officer

I Braime

L Bloye


R Evans

N Farnan

Nursing Sister

M O’Docherty

T Sanders


C Nowacki

Chief Engineer

R Gemmell

S Harron

First Engineer

P Lovell

D Hill

Second Engineer

J Hughes

G Blakey

Extra Second Engineer

D Field

K Fielder

Jnr Second Engineer

J Oakman

B Maynard

F Balshaw

J Donald

Snr Third Engineer

J Lawson

J Goodrum

Int Third Engineer

J McKee

M Davies

Jnr Third Engineer

J Cowan

D Tomlinson

Snr Fourth Engineer

C Samuel

T Usher

Int Fourth Engineer

R Lindsay

D Norman

Jnr Fourth Engineer

T Hobday

P Coultas

Junior Engineer

R Ashley

J Powell

T Maunders

I Bowman

R Conibeer

R Tickner

N Lang

D Daley

Chief Frig Engineer

D Laycock

W Falconer

Second Frig Engineer

C Clark

W Patterson

Third Frig Engineer

B Payne

First Electrician

T Stallard

G Forrester

Second Electrician

R Webster

D Allen

Third Electrician

J Lake

J Barnes

Jnr Electrician

R Grant

W Talbot

Senior Mechanic

G Ball

P Japp

ER Storekeeper

A Martin

K Le Gallais

ER Leading Hand

T Andrews

G Lothian

Chief Purser

W Eastmond

J Dimmock


C Dellar

K Underwood

Purser Catering

D Gilbert

D Padmore

Second Purser

D Tooze

M Fletcher

Second Purser Catering

R Ledbury

W Burgess

Third Pursers

I Pursch

P Batt

P Robertson

J Tickner

Third Purser Catering

W Black

J Winckle

R McKillop

Junior Pursers

M Saunders

C Smith

Junior Purser Catering

A May

Children’s Hostess

A Ackrill

S Lampkin

Chief Barman

B Watts

L Farrow


C Dunne

A Haymes

Linen Steward

C Bosman

K Finch

Head Waiter (1st Class)

K MacKay

W Miller

First Tourist Steward

H Mitchell

Head Waiter (Tourist)

M Stokes

R Skevington

Band Leader

E Johnson

J Skene


W Allen

P Lynskey


B Eastland

S Laight


N Hailstone

J Leslie


R Angell

L Newman


P Farrell

J Meehan

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