1973 - August

The Cargo Service

The Mail Service


First Mate’s Certificate

Deck and Radio Officers

R S Wadham

To Master

To Chief Officer

To Second Officer

Deck  and Radio Officers

R K Wilson

J Simpson

A Norman

A Mohammed

D Oriatto

M Phillips


To Second Engineer

To Junior Second Engineer

To Third Engineer

To Fourth Engineer

Engineer Officers

F Jayasingh

R Smith

C Aviss

F Cundy

S Dick

R Dodds

B Heath

J Jarvis

E Pailthorpe

G Perera

J Thomlinson

R Silva

T Bourke

T Griffin

B Hiney

A Mortimer

J Sutherland

S Ackerman

T Clarkson

J Nesbitt

J Sankey

1st Class Steam


2nd Class Motor


2nd Class Steam


Engineer Officers

B S Gillott

J R Bone

T Peebles

W Silva

J M Baldwin

To Purser/Catering

To Asst PCO

Pursers & Catering Dept

P Glass

A Gould

A Paterson

R Houston



Left Southampton

10 August

For South Africa



Left Southampton

17 August

For South Africa



Left Southampton

24 August

For South Africa



Left Southampton

31 August

For South Africa


H Thorn

J Catterall

D Sowden

P St Q Beadon

Staff Commander

C Walgate

A Wigham

W Pritchard

Chief Officer

R Milne

F Yeulett

R Flint

D Innes

Second Officer

C MacFadyen

A Blackburn

A Fussell

J Hoar

Extra Second Officer

C Marman

R Gebbie

P O’Sullivan

Third Officer

S Gorringe

R Lord


M Brook

C Turner

A McCulloch

J Kempson

A Aston

A Weller

L Martin

D Henwood

P Le Sueur

R Owen

B Burton

R Crowther


R Hill

W Ross

P Bell

C Breward


N Hossain

J Stewart

A Weaver

J Perry

Snr Master-at-Arms

E Jaffray

H Clarke

W Peckham

Jnr Master-at-Arms

E Gibson

J Kitcher

W Bridger

First Radio Officer

J Patterson

F Sharp

R McCormick

D Bristow

Second Radio Officer

H McColl

W McIntosh

G Walker

Third Radio Officer

A Skarstein

R Diamond

J Tomlinson

Fourth Radio Officer

P West

P Hand

B Whiteford


J Morgan

P Tannett

I Williams

Nursing Sister

R Hunter

M Sullivan

C Fisher

Chief Engineer

M McDougall

J Hughes

R Brown

R Somers

First Engineer

W Robertson

E Sartori

T Drysdale

Second Engineer

G Yeaman

J McNeil

W Chirnside

J Mair

Extra Second Engineer

M Burton

J Cruttwell

C Small

Jnr Second Engineer

P Hollingsworth

F Cundy

D Clegg

M Walton

S Back

S Rogers

J Baldwin

Snr Third Engineer

P Jackson

A Hickman

D Cox

D Wilson

Int Third Engineer

R Hurst

R Lippiatt

M Stevenson

Jnr Third Engineer

I Bruce

J Grieve

K Poole

Snr Fourth Engineer

I Margetson

F Dyson

J Fisher

R Kinder

Int Fourth Engineer

D Hayes

W Braidwood

R Maunder

Jnr Fourth Engineer

I Hutton

R Wills

P Smith

Junior Engineer

A McKirdy

G Newns

P Herron

K Hislop

N Carrington

G Colquhoun

A Richardson

F Leavers

L Edwards

J Thomson

Engineer Cadets

J Zanre

Chief Frig Engineer

P Yuile

S Tyrie

A Gurd

Second Frig Engineer

R Alpha

H Grieve

J Frost

Third Frig Engineer

G Hendry

G Greer

First Electrician

J Morris

E Wilson

D Thorpe

H Windsor

Second Electrician

J Towler

G Young

J Finnegan

Third Electrician

D Raynes

J Carder

R Gallagher

Jnr Electrician

P Richards

Senior Mechanic

D Baxendale

E McCall

W Jones

ER Storekeeper

A Hossain

D Gibney

W O’Bree

G Wan

ER Leading Hand

C Barker

E Davies

G Pupkis

Chief Purser

O Parry-Williams

D Wickenden

A Hodge


D Mason

M Mears

M Hackett

Purser/Catering Officer

W Black

Purser Catering

C Dawkins

G Waugh

W McGrady

Second Purser

A Woodgate

H Brooks

A Charlesworth

Second Purser Catering

C Haysom

R Ledbury

N Nussey

Third Pursers

M Saffin

J Peck

C Peel

R Cleal

R Higgins

G Parker

Third Purser Catering

R Ward

J Ross

P Robertson

K Dixon

Junior Pursers

D Bull

A Cruttenden

F Moldenhauer

D Chilver

P Gourley

R Harris

M Fisk

Junior Purser Catering

N Schofield

M Telford


A Marais

Children’s Hostess

F Butler-Gould

A Ackrill

H Sinclair

Chief Barman

A Young

R Hubbard

L Odell


S Bain

J Hunt

J Glintenkamp

Linen Steward

L Robertson

M Bernier

Head Waiter (1st Class)

T McIntosh

S Sullivan

C Gyue

First Tourist Steward

C Fielding

R Chandler

R Chillery

Head Waiter (Tourist)

M Proctor

A Walmsley

Band Leader

T Jones

H Taylor

D Greeves


J Sumpton

D Dennis


J Gomes

M Moore

L Creed

D Heard

Second Steward

Md Nofizal


J Findlay

J Duthie

J Wood


R Mouncher

A Painter

H Shearman


J Norton

J Bottle

H Bean



Left Hamburg

1 August

For South Africa



Left London

3 August

For East London



Left Rotterdam

7 August

For South Africa



Left Hamburg

15 August

For South Africa & Beira



Left Birkenhead

23 August

For Bangladesh



Left London

31 August

For E Africa


P Eckford

T Kirby

D MacMillan

S Hagan

A Graham

M Whiteley

Chief Officer

M McMillan

I MacAlpine

B King

M Gardner

R Flemington

R Mennell

Second Officer

W Runcie

K MacLeod

J Ikolout

I Scott

R Head

P Williams

Third Officer

J Harris

W Oukoo

A Smith

M Williams

D Hart

R Hanratty


D Pengelly

P Hickmott

C Thompson

R Raybould

D Warrington

D Hazell

D Lewington

R Sisson

Radio Officer

R Maxfield

E Kelly

D Garbett

D Rutter

J Hubbard

I Scott


R Turner

M Smailes

J Matchett

R Tedford


M Ali

G Marshall

S Huq

D Singh


Chief Engineer

N Ives

J Griffiths

R Innes

W Midermott

R McDonald

R Fleming

Second Engineer

B Akkerman

A Kituri

G Gourlay

J Kernick

S Uddin

M Malone

Jnr Second Engineer

G Kirsten

J Gardner

S Simpson

G Wallwork

D Keith

Third Engineer

T Griffin

S Moore

G Etherson

C Sibbering

E Poate

E Seneviratne

Fourth Engineer

P Horkan

R Reay

D Nixon

A Campbell

J Colbe

M Devine

Junior Engineer

D Blues

N Swainson

A Mulholland

P Lincoln

P O’Brien-Hill

G Henderson

B Carr

B Kear

D Howell

E Geen

A Kelner

J Sibbald

N Kibui

F McFarlane

A Wylie

Engineer Cadets

A Netherton

W Bound

Chief Frig Engineer

M Thomas

R Crowe


F O’Hare

M Hannan

G Woodbridge

T Higginson

D Fidler

J Semple


P Lushman

A Qader

A Turner


S Roy

A Majid

Purser/Catering Officer

L Tompkinson

D Cryle

J Foley

J Simmonds

A Paterson

P Reynolds

Chief Cook

I Robertson

A Rahim

P Hockey

L Gomes

A Monab

Y Mallick

Second Steward

W Sweet

D Stannard

K Ahmed

Sk Shahzada

A Kalam

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