1973 - June

The Cargo Service

The Mail & Cruise Services


Second Mate’s Certificate

Deck and Radio Officers

P Simpson

D Tweedy

To Second Officer

To Third Officer

Deck  and Radio Officers

J Barton

P Simpson

D Tweedy


To Second Engineer

To Junior Second Engineer

To Third Engineer

To Fourth Engineer

To Third Frig Engineer

Engineer Officers

J Miller

S Robb

S Rogers

R Fido

A Campbell

D Carver

J Colbe

G Collins

R Ashley

2nd Class Motor


Engineer Officers

R V Nelson

J Vetcher

To Asst PCO

To Second Purser Catering

To Third Purser

Pursers & Catering Dept

T N Clark

P Fealey

A H J Donald



Left Southampton

15 June

For South Africa

Good Hope


Absent from service

after fire



Left Southampton

29 June

For South Africa


H Charnley

J Catterall

Staff Commander

A Wigham

C Walgate

Chief Officer

A Slack

F Yeulett

Second Officer

A MacDonald

A Blackburn

Extra Second Officer

M Ward

D Thomson

Third Officer

P Ashcroft


R Hanratty

A Aston

A Weller

P Drew


D Perry

W Ross


B Jones

T Collett

Snr Master-at-Arms

G Leach

E Jaffray

Jnr Master-at-Arms

I Leal

E Gibson

First Radio Officer

R Hough

J Walker

Second Radio Officer

G Walker

H McColl

Third Radio Officer

J Cardownie

P Dixon-Carter

Fourth Radio Officer

P Sullivan

P West


J Latham

J Morgan

Nursing Sister

T Sanders

R Hunter


J Hogg

Chief Engineer

S Harron

J Hughes

First Engineer

D Hill

W Robertson

Second Engineer

G Blakey

M Burton

Extra Second Engineer

K Standen

T Paterson

Jnr Second Engineer

I Tucker

J Jarvis

T Hudson

D Clegg

Snr Third Engineer

J Goodrum

A Hickman

Int Third Engineer

M Davies

R Hurst

Jnr Third Engineer

F Sansom

I Bruce

Snr Fourth Engineer

R Skee

F Dyson

Int Fourth Engineer

T Usher

D Hayes

Jnr Fourth Engineer

D Norman

W Braidwood

Junior Engineer

P Parker

N Cureton

M Milwain

M Maunders

R Conibeer

R Starkie

A Dobbie

P Herron

Chief Frig Engineer

P Yuile

J Ringshaw

Second Frig Engineer

W Patterson

R Alpha

Third Frig Engineer

G Hendry

First Electrician

G Forrester

H Gregson

Second Electrician

D Allen

M O’Sullivan

J Towler

Third Electrician

J Fernandez

D Raynes

Jnr Electrician

R Grant

A Cantrill

Senior Mechanic

G Wraight

D Baxendale

ER Storekeeper

K Le Gallais

J Broadwell

ER Leading Hand

G Lothian

C Barker

Chief Purser

J Dimmock

O Parry-Williams


K Underwood

C Dellar

Purser Catering

D Padmore

C Dawkins

Second Purser

M Fletcher

A Charlesworth

Second Purser Catering

R Ledbury

C Haysom

Third Pursers

D Tooze

P Reynolds

D Chance

M Saffin

J Peck

Third Purser Catering

C Murray

R Ward

Junior Pursers

A Whitehouse

C Winstanley

A Read

G Fraser

M Wheatley

D Bull

A Cruttenden

Junior Purser Catering

J Winckle

Children’s Hostess

S Lampkin

M Gifford

Chief Barman

L Farrow

A Young


A Haymes

S Bain

Linen Steward

I Mears

L Robertson

Head Waiter (1st Class)

W Miller

T McIntosh

First Tourist Steward

M Bridgeman

P Fitzpatrick

Head Waiter (Tourist)

R Skevington

M Proctor

Band Leader

J Skene

T Jones


W Cronin

J Beavis


H Laight

P King


J Leslie

J Findlay


R Martin

R Mouncher


J Meehan

A Pond



Left London

5 June

For South Africa & Mauritius



Left Cardiff

5 June

For South Africa



Left Genoa

6 June

For South Africa & Beira



Left Birkenhead

14 June

For Red Sea Ports



Left Birkenhead

23 June

For India


G Gann

G Cochrane

R Olden

I Williamson

T Young

Chief Officer

R Robertson

B King

D Pope

A Flenley

P Atkinson

Cadet Training Officer

M Slayman

Second Officer

C Vickers

J Kolout

R Thomas

A Mohamed

T Alder

Third Officer

A Robinson

L Martin

D Hughes

A Papworth

J Forbes-Simpson


F Mack

A Nkana

S Alsop

A Chambi

D Kalua

T Chiswada

F Chilalika

P Hooper

S Manson

M Swaffield

A Reading

N Jones

A Gale

T Culpin

J Thorburn

D Thomson

M Light

A Welcome

Radio Officer

J Parry

A Willis

C Daniel

D Abbey

M Braime


A Jones

G Shute

H McCourt

G Radford


H Ahmed

G Marshall

P Biswas

H Nath

D Banerjee

Chief Engineer

I Laing

R Innes

D Seath

J Fraser

A Stoddart

Second Engineer

F Jayasinghe

H Gourlay

L Harding

J Black

A Deuskar

Jnr Second Engineer

D Butterworth

B Hargraves

J Ingram

D Robinson

R Atkins

Third Engineer

J Walker

G Etherson

D Pope

A Greensides

K Wilson

Fourth Engineer

J Sankey

D Nixon

A Jamieson

G Duffy

A John

Junior Engineer

I Wright

R Samuel

A Roots

B Carr

K Bullock

I Webster

B Musgrave

A Wight

R Rutherford

T Torbett

Engineer Cadets

J Halligan

D Hall

Chief Frig Engineer

R Crowe


A McIntee

W Lewis

M McDonald

R Dixon

W Cole


S Meah

A Turner

R Sarker

A Ganguly

S Roy

Purser/Catering Officer

J Jones

J Foley

W Divers

J Godwin

E Jones

Asst PCO

R Houston

Chief Cook

M Prodhan

P Hockey


J Gomes

Md Israil

Second Steward

A Ahmed

D Stannard


A Razzaq

Md Yusuph

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