Stirlingshire (1)

Date of attack

2 Dec 1940


Sunk by U-94 (Herbert Kuppisch)


55° 36'N, 16° 22'W - Grid AM 4416


74 (0 dead and 74 survivors).




Sydney NSW - Townsville, Queensland - Bermuda - Liverpool


3270 tons of sugar, 2000 tons of lead, 1900 tons of refrigerated foodstuffs and 460 tons of general cargo


Completed in June 1928 as Clan Macdonald for The Clan Line Steamers Ltd, London. 1929 renamed Stirlingshire for Turnbull, Martin & Co Ltd, London.

Notes on event

At 18.23 hours on 2 Dec 1940 the Stirlingshire (Master Charles Edward O’Byrne) in convoy HX-90 was hit amidships by one G7e torpedo from U-94 and sank with a starboard list about 280 miles west by north of Bloody Foreland. The master, 72 crew members and one gunner were picked up by the British steam merchant Empire Puma from the same convoy and landed at Liverpool.

A water colour of MV Stirlingshire entering Sydney Heads

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