Clan Skene

Date of attack

10 May 1942


Sunk by U-333 (Peter-Erich Cremer)

Position 31.43N, 70.43W - Grid DC 6111


82 (9 dead and 73 survivors).


Beira, Portuguese East Africa - Capetown (15 Apr) - New York


2006 tons of chrome ore

Notes on loss  

At 09.05 hours on 10 May 1942, the unescorted Clan Skene (Master Edward Gough) was hit by two torpedoes from U-333 and sank about 300 miles southeast of Cape Hatteras. The U-boat had been badly damaged by depth charges of an escort ship three days before and was limping back to France. Cremer wrote in the KTB, that the sinking of this ship was like .. a balm after these terrible depth charges.

Nine crew members from the Clan Skene were lost. The master and 72 survivors were picked up by USS McKean (APD 5) and landed at San Juan, Puerto Rico.


We have listing of 10 people who were on this vessel



Years in Service


Clan Skene


1920 transferred to Houston Line, renamed Halocrates,

1923 reverted to Clan Skene,

1942 torpedoed and sunk in Atlantic; loss of 9 lives.


Torpedoed and Sunk off USA East Coast 1942

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