1975 - May

The Mail Service

The Bulk Cargo Service



Left Southampton

2 May

For South Africa

Good Hope


Left Southampton

9 May

For South Africa



Left Southampton

16 May

For South Africa


H Charnley

A Allson

P Eckford

Staff Commander

C Walgate

W McCarthy

Chief Officer

F Yeulett

W F Sutherland

D Pope

Second Officer

R Head

M Brown

D Tollervey

Extra Second Officer

P Best

G C Koch

T Tye

Third Officer

J Broughton

R Sissoli

Fourth Officer

I Warrington

A Hill

Extra Fourth Officer

D Hazell


S Bennet

D Le Boutillier

R Mathews

R Plumley


P Bell

R Rowsell


B Jones

E Petty

J Acton

Snr Master-at-Arms

R Lloyd

L Fergus

Jnr Master-at-Arms

P Ridsdale

E Gibson

First Radio Officer

S Harden

J Walker

F Sharp

Second Radio Officer

K Watkins

P Taylor

Third Radio Officer

A Willis

H Chesters

Fourth Radio Officer

M Hearle

I Abel


F Lane

R Tuft

Nursing Sister

A King

K Burrow


J Hogg

Chief Engineer

J Hughes

S Harron

First Engineer

A Garside

J P Hughes

W Robertson

Second Engineer

G Blakey

S Priestly

P Mantle

Extra Second Engineer

S Rogers

R French

Jnr Second Engineer

T Norris

R Hislop

P Borely

W Croston

K Euridge

J Donald

Snr Third Engineer

J Lawson

F Cundy

Int Third Engineer

M Stevenson

C Field

Jnr Third Engineer

R Kinder

R Wills

Snr Fourth Engineer

J Morrison

W Williams

Int Fourth Engineer

J Powell

T Hobday

Jnr Fourth Engineer

D Cadenhead

C Wharf

Junior Engineer

P Roberts

D Smith

C Garth

W George

D Hutton

J Kelly

A Chivers

R Herron

C Lee

D Todd

R McKeague

Engineer Cadets

A J Grieves

A Newell

D Thomson

Chief Frig Engineer

W Falconer

R Crowe

J Ringshaw

Second Frig Engineer

W Patterson

Third Frig Engineer

D Tomlinson

P Taylor

First Electrician

G Forrester

A Moir

D Arnold

E Wilson

Second Electrician

T Philps

P Pepper

Third Electrician

N Hamilton-Peters

Jnr Electrician

D Nixon

B Lucker

R Clarke

Senior Mechanic

K Cartwright

K Richards

D Clarke

D Thornton

A Miller


L Greens

ER Storekeeper

D Woodford

K Le Gallais

C Barker

ER Leading Hand

G Carter

F Saint

Chief Purser

J Dimmock

A Jenner


C Dellar

M Mears

Purser Catering

G Waugh

W McMillan

Second Purser

M Saffin

J Tickner

Second Purser Catering

C Murray

P Steele

C Haysom

J Wootton

Third Pursers

A Whetung

P Robertson

R Higgins

I Pursch

Third Purser Catering

K Dixon

W Black

Junior Pursers

R Dowden

R Harris

M Fisk

A Read

G Street

P Stevenson

Children’s Hostess

C Amis

Chief Barman

P Beech


A Haymes

Linen Steward

K Finch

Head Waiter (1st Class)

J Smith

T McIntosh

First Tourist Steward

B Blake

Head Waiter (Tourist)

D Barker

M Proctor

Band Leader

J Skene

T Jones


J Sumpton

T Turley


D Heard

B Price

P King

Second Steward

A J Sealey

Asst Steward

H Franco

F Wilkerson

R Hart


J Leslie

J Findlay


D Cullinan

J Ayres


J Meehan

A Pond

C Tyler



As at

16 May



As at

16 May



As at

16 May



As at

16 May



As at

16 May


G Beaumont

I Shearer

R Miller

G Trowsdale

E Owen

Chief Officer

P Atkinson

J Buttress

D Funnell

J Smith

O Barnsley

Second Officer

R Case

J Whittaker

J Harris

D King

Third Officer

A Snell

R Black

J Millar

J Middleton

R Hamilton


R Swatton

R Heeley

S Wainright

R Dunn

Radio Officer

J Chalkley

A Maxwell

J Daniel

D Wakeford

P Hammond


W Wright

C Hood

G Stevens

W Hayton

J Marshall

Chief Engineer

J Platt

R Phillips

S McLeod

A Brudenell

P Wilkinson

Second Engineer

M Jennings

J Bone

J Chesters

D McLardie

A Young

Jnr Second Engineer

R Conibeer

D Howell

J Wood

A Campbell

S Fitzpatrick

Third Engineer

G Anderson

A John

P Elsby

J Linton

Fourth Engineer

A Wylie

G Greer

K Hill

S Sinclair

Junior Engineer

P Archer

B Pearson

G Viner

P Nunn

P Hastings

C Alford

R Soper

Engineer Cadets

A Fell

R Chwaszcza

J Caider

G Benton

Senior Mechanics

P Freeman

D Hogg

A Hepburn

P Kearney

P Latham

H Lees

G Longman

S Spooner

W Ditch

J Boere

G Wright


D Quinn

D Livesey

D Bowskill

T Robson

R Rennie

Jnr Electrician

J Barton

Purser/Catering Officer

J Croston

A MacCormick

N Proctor

L White

D Howell

Chief Cook

B Hooper

J Gilling

A Robertson

J Law

R Wilkinson

Second Steward

R Holmes

J Barnett

D Mealing

D Stannard

J Robertson

Asst Stewards

A Holder

R Yeoman

C Clarke

N Galligan

J Lovely

D Dunn

D Scott

J Holmes

T Brown

D Bubb

K Jones

J Monaghan

B Durrant

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