SA Oranje

She was sold on 1st January 1966 to the South African Marine Corporation (UK) Ltd and entered service with them on 2nd February as the S.A. Oranje with a new Safmarine livery but on the same route and with Union-Castle crews and management.

Her registry was transferred to Cape Town on 17th March 1969.



Years in Service


SA Oranje


Ex Pretoria Castle,

1966 Transferred from Union-Castle,

1975 scrapped


Among the presentation party is Chief Officer Alasdair Terras

(3rd officer from the right)

Prime Minister and Mrs H F Verwoerd with the Chairman Sir Nicholas Cayzer and Mrs Cayzer

Dressed overall she awaits her final depature from Durban bound for the far east

Note: No passengers on board and the use of a standard gangway

After 187 sailings and carrying over 250,000 passengers

She arrived at Kaohsuing on 2nd November 1975 to be broken up by Chin Tai Steel Enterprises

Yoyage Notes - 1974

Farewell to The Mail Service - 1975

Renaming Ceremony - 2nd February 1966

Heading back to Southampton at 23 knots

SA Oranje’s Formation Dance Team - 1967

Review - October 1967

Engineer Officers - 1968

Review - October 1968

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