Charles Wynell-Mayow

Easton is a village some three miles out from Wells on the Cheddar road, very little changed over the years.   The parish church is not old, Victorian and does not really suite the village.   It shares with two other parishes a priest, probably the Rev'd Wynell-Mayow also officiated at Weston-sub-Mendip as is the case today.

So the question begs to be asked, why did two of his sons go to sea and why with the Castle Line?   The Wynell-Mayow family is extensive, the boys would have been what in those days was called 'well connected' so what made them go to sea.   The Rev'd Philip Wynell-Mayow had six at least sons, did any of the others go to sea?

In Charles we have another enigma, the memorial tablet states he was a midshipman (the word cadet was not in general use in the Victorian age) on the "Alnwick Castle" in 1862.   

The problem is that the only ship of that name owned by the Union-Castle Line was the "Alnwick Castle" built in 1901.

The obvious assumption being that Charles was not in the Castle Line but another company or possibly the Royal Navy.   

The last can be discounted because the prefix H.M.S. would have preceded the name so is it another company?   I think not.

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