David Justice

The following is an edited version of Dr. Mann's comprehensive research, the full version of which can be seen on the above web-site.

David JUSTICE was born in Milngavie about 6 miles North of Glasgow, but stated on all his marine records that he was born in Perth.  He was christened in the parish of New Kilpatrick, Dunbartonshire, close to Milngavie.  Most of his brothers and sisters were christened in Glasgow, and David was living there in 1851 aged 15 in the district of Hutchesontown, near Gorbals, with his parents.

In 1858 he married the girl next door, Helen DINGWALL, and moved to nearby Rose St.  David was now a turner (lathe operator) but within two years he began his career as a marine engineer, sailing to the Mediterranean from Glasgow.  A son and two daughters were born and baptised in Hutchesontown, Glasgow.  David sailed continuously from Glasgow to Europe and Canada and obtained his 2nd class certificate in 1866 still at 103 Rose St.

Shortly afterwards he began sailing from London, where he obtained his first class certificate in 1868 and then moved his family, first to Shadwell and then to Poplar, near the docks.  Some time later he moved to East Ham High St in Manor park.  Two more daughters were born in London.

In 1888, when records ceased, he had been sailing regularly on Castle Line ships to South Africa for at least six years.  His two eldest daughters married marine engineers, but his two youngest married schoolmasters.  He died from a stroke in 1904 at his home in Manor Park.  Helen outlived him for 16 years, living at the same address with her married daughter Helen.

Nellie Stevenson, (Leah’s daughter-in-law) said he was "foreign looking"; but this must have been from photographs since she was born after his death.

Recieved from Dr. G.M.W. Mann 15/02/2007

I found your website very interesting and wondered if you would like to add reference to my wife's ancestor David Justice who sailed as 1st engineer on the Drummond Castle 1883-85, Garth Castle 1886-1887, Pembroke Castle 1887-1888.  No doubt he sailed on further ships but I have not discovered any records after 1888?  Are there any Union Castle records which would help?  He was born in Scotland in 1837 and died in 1904.  Full details of his life and maritime records can be found on my website at http://www.btinternet.com/~surrey.hypno/Genealogy/Justice/JUST-B3.htm

Dr Geoffrey M W Mann

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