Clan Line

Peace Time Losses






Foundered off Java

North Star


Disappeared at Sea

Clan MacDuff

18 Oct 1881

Lost in storm off Holyhead

Clan Campbell (1)


Wrecked near Mauritius

Clan Ogilvie

8 Jan 1888

Wrecked off Corsica

Clan MacKay (1)

8 Mar 1891

Wrecked near Galle, Ceylon

Clan Lamont (1)

May 1891

Lost off Ceylon

Clan Gordon (1)

16 Oct 1897

Wrecked off Mozambique

Clan Lindsay (1)

19 Mar 1898

Wrecked near East London

Clan Drummond

28 Nov 1898

Foundered in Bay of Biscay

Clan MacGregor (1)


Sunk after collision off Portugal

Clan MacGregor (2)

30 May 1902

Stranded off South African Coast

Clan MacLean (1)

13 Aug 1903

Wrecked near Cape St Vincent

Clan Monroe (2)

1 Jul 1905

Wrecked at Slangkop Point

Clan MacKenzie (2)


Wrecked near Cape Trafalgar

Clan Sinclair (1)

Jul 1917

Sunk after collision in Mediterranean

Clan MacLean (2)

23 Nov 1919

Wrecked in Mozambique Channel

Clan MacMaster


Wrecked on Isle of Man

Clan Kennedy (1)


Grounded off Suffolk

Clan MacMillan (2)

20 Jun 1924

Wrecked in Bay of Bengal

Clan MacWilliam

24 Dec 1927

Burnt out at Vavau, Friendly Islands

Clan MacKay (4)

Oct 1934

Wrecked off Sierra Leone

Clan Malcolm (1)

25 Sep 1935

Stranded on Lizard Point

Clan MacKenzie (3)

23 Oct 1937

Stranded after collision in Liverpool Bay

Clan MacQuarrie (2)

30 Jan 1953

Stranded on Lewis

Clan Keith (2)

5 Nov 1961

Wrecked off Tunisia

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