Souvenirs of nights ashore in   Cape Town   and   Durban.

5 Jan 2017

Houston Line Ships

Clan Line Ships

Illustrations of:   Dauntless   Heliades   Hellenes (1)   Hercules   Hermes (1)   Hesperides (1)   Hippomenes

Hyades   and   Hylas

Illustrations of   Clan Grant (1)   Clan MacDuff   Clan MacKay (1)   Clan MacLeod (1)   Clan MacVey

Clan Ogilvie   and   Clan Ranald (1)

6 Jan 2017

Scottish Shire Line Ships


A few additions and modifications to the ships of   Scottish Shire Line

New entry for   Merchant Fleets - Clan, Houston, Turnbull Martin & Scottish Tankers

7 Jan 2017

Scottish Shire Line Ships

Accounts and the enquiry on the loss of   Elginshire   in 1892

8 Jan 2017

South American Saint Line Staff

New entry for   Louis Roskell.   He served as an apprentice with Saint Line, then joined Union-Castle. His entry also includes some of his paintings of his favourite ships.

10 Jan 2017

British & Commonwealth

Attendees of reunions:    2013 Union-Castle,   2102 Union-Castle   and   2010 Pursers Association

14 Jan 2017

Union-Castle Line

In the early 1950s a fold-out brochure was published extolling the virtues of   “Cabin Class by Union-Castle” aboard Capetown, Athlone, Edinburgh and Pretoria Castles.

21 Jan 2017

South American Saint Line

Scottish Shire Line Ships

Information about the loss of   St Glen

Further pictures of the loss of   Elginshire

23 Jan 2017

British & Commonwealth Staff

A picture of Radio Officer   James Dawson   in his sea going days

26 Jan 2017

British & Commonwealth

An update to   B & C Reunions   including information about how to attend each event

27 Jan 2017

King Line Staff

King Line Ships

Union-Castle Staff

British & Commonwealth

New entry for    Capt R H Evans

Photograph of ship’s officers aboard   King Howel (1)   in 1907

New entry for   Richard Nessworthy

New entry of a monthly    Scottish Lunch

28 Jan 2017

Castle Line Ships

Some pictures added of    Dunottar Castle    during her service as a cruise ship in the early 1900s

30 Jan 2017

Union-Castle Staff

Extensive additions to the staff list and an ongoing tabulation of sea service details.

1 Feb 2017

Scottish Shire Line Staff

Scottish Shire Line Ships

A picture of an   Unknown Officer

New pictures of   Elderslie

2 Mar 2017

Bowater Steamship Co

Clan Line Ships

Information about    The Scottish Maritime Museum

A correcting picture of   Clan Ogilvy (2)

5 Mar 2017

Fares and Sailings

Documents & Booklets

Union-Castle Staff

Timetable from  1972 Jan - 1973 Mar   and   April 1964

A   Shopping List   available in a typical shop aboard one of the passenger vessels

A booklet published on Pendennis Castle during her first few voyages:   Information for Passengers.

For these additions I am grateful to   Ian Warren   for his contributions. I have also updated his page.

7 Mar 2017

British & Commonwealth

From 1982 until the end of 1985   Scottish Eagle (2)  provided a vital refuelling resource to all the other vessels involved in the    Falklands Conflict.   I have created a page dedicated to this effort and the people who served on this vessel at that time.

8 Mar 2017

British & Commonwealth Staff

New entry for   Gary Bradley

Gary has provided a great number of photographs of his time aboard   Scottish Lion (2)   Edinburgh Universal   and Scottish Eagle (2)

8 Mar 2017

Documents and Booklets

A booklet published in the 1970s   All The Things You’d Like To Know About Your Voyage

9 Mar 2017

British & Commonwealth Staff

New entry for   Ken Grindrod

10 Mar 2017

Union-Castle Ships

New colour picture of   Kinpurnie Castle (1)

13 Mar 2017

British & Commonwealth

Advance notice of the   2017 Union-Castle Reunion   in Southampton

16 Mar 2017

Union-Castle Staff

Crew Lists

An update to the page of Commodore Chief Engineer   T P Noble

New entry and mail ship crew list for   May 1957

17 Mar 2017


New entry for Peter Newall’s new book   Union-Castle Line  The Post War Liners

19 Mar 2017

Union-Castle Ships

New picture of   Good Hope Castle (2)   berthed at Port Elizabeth

22 Mar 2017

Clan Line Staff

Clan Line Ships

An update to the page of   Alex McCutcheon

An unattributed engraving of   Clan Ross (3)

An unattributed painting of   Clan Menzies (3)

23 Mar 2017

Union-Castle Staff

An update to the page of   Eric Paul   with his obituary from The Old Pagbournian Society

A new entry and obituary for   John Evenden

29 Mar 2017

Bowater Ships

Scottish Shire Line Ships

Updated photographs from company postcards of   Alice Bowater   Margaret Bowater   Nicolas Bowater

Nina Bowater   Phyllis Bowater   and   Sarah Bowater

A water colour by C Kensington of   Banffshire (1)

30 Mar 2017

Timetables & Fares

Scottish Shire Line Ships

The 1974 Brochure for  Reina Del Mar Cruises

Pictures of   Robbie Rutt   Capt Sillars   Peter Glen   and even myself as third officer.  The pictures were taken during the 1969 season.

I have included a series of radio messages, telegrams and letters pertaining to the loss of   Ayrshire (3)   in 1965.

My step father   Freddie Carpenter   worked in Cayzer House and was able to get copies of many of the communications that flowed to and from Ayrshire.

4 Apr 2017

Scottish Shire Line Ships

An article published in the May 1965 edition of Fairplay Shipping Journal is added to   Ayrshire (3)

5 Apr 2017

Crew Lists

An update to   May 1957

New entry for   July 1957

6 Apr 2017

Union Line Ships

Union-Castle Voyages

An unusual shot of   Briton (3)   alongside at Southampton

A timeline chart showing the life-span of all the vessels that served the   Mail Service   from 1857 to 1977

12 Apr 2017


The attendee list of the   2014 Clan Line Reunion

14 Apr 2017


New page listing the War Time requisitions of   Union-Castle   vessels

17 Apr 2017

Union-Castle Staff

New entry for   John Wootton

19 Apr 2017

Union Line Ships

Union Line Staff

Union-Castle Documents & Books

Update to   Norman (2)

Dismissal letter sent to   Capt W Bainbridge   of Norman (2) when she grounded in 1895

Cartoon image of   Capt C Coxwell

New entry for    Richard Gandy

A series of articles published in   Country Life   Publicising the coming into service of Warwick Castle in 1934, Stirling Castle in 1936 and Capetown Castle in 1938

21 Apr 2017

Bullard King

New pages for Bullard King   Documents & Articles

24 Apr 2017


New picture of ships in Southampton during   The Seamen’s Strike

25 Apr 2017

Union-Castle Ships

New picture of   Rothesay Castle (2)   entering Cape Town

26 Apr 2017

Clan Line Staff

New entry for   Geoffrey Aldridge.   Many interesting details and photographs of his seagoing career

28 Apr 2017

Union-Castle Staff

Additional photo of   John Wooton

30 Apr 2017

Union-Castle Ships

Galician   moved from Union Line to Union-Castle. Launched in 1900 she was never registered with Union Line

1 May 2017

Clan Line Staff

Updates to the page of   Geoffrey Aldridge

3 May 2017

Castle Line Ships

Painting of the coaster   Lapland   by P H Siems

5 May 2017

Union Line Ships


A high resolution picture of   Scot   leaving Southampton

The attendance list of    The Union-Castle Reunion   of 7 May 2017

Advance notification of   The Clan Line Reunion   on 4 October 2017

7 May 2017

Union-Castle Ships

Union-Castle Staff

The story of “Leopards on the Loose” by Reg Kelso aboard   Good Hope Castle (1)   in 1947

New entries for brothers   Einon Rees   and   Evan Rees

8 May 2017

CI Shipping Ships

New entries for   Pluto   and   Uranus

12 May 2017

Union-Castle Staff

Bullard King Staff

King Line Ships

New entries for   L C Hendes   J Wallace   and   L C Clausen

Additonal information for   Sidney Pyne

New entry for   C E Meek

Pictures and notes on the loss of   King Cadwallon (3)   in 1929

3 Oct 2017


Attendee list for   2017 Clan Line Reunion

5 Oct 2017

Castle Line Ships

Castle Line Staff

Bullard King Ships

Bullard King Staff

Some notes on the loss of   Finland

Update to   Capt J Freebody

Some notes on the loss of   Umvolosi (1)

Update to   Capt H H Clarke

6 Oct 2017

Union-Castle Staff

Union Line Ships

Additional entries to the page of   Arthur Wigham   following his recent passing.

New entry for  William Ellis

New photograph of   Norman (2)

28 Dec2017


King Charles in the Ship Canal bound for   Manchester

23 Dec 2017

A very rare photograph of   Nubian   taken in 1877

Oil painting by Ronnie McClune of   Clan Forbes (4)

New entry for   James Patience

New entry for   Gordon Phillips

New entry for   Bryan Settatree

Union Line Ships

26 Sep 2017

Clan Line Ships

27 Sep 2017

British & Commonwealth Staff

29 Sep 2017

Union-Castle Staff

30 Sep 2017

British & Commonwealth Staff

2 Oct 2017

Clan Line Staff

New entries for   T McClair   and   A M Williamson

13 Sep 2017

Scottish Shire Line Ships

The story of   Perthshire(1)   how she spent 42 days adrift in the Tasman Sea

17 Sep 2017

Scottish Shire Line Ships

Additions to the page of   Stirlingshire (1)   and her sinking in 1940

18 Sep 2017

Scottish Shire Line Ships

New photos of   Buteshire (2)   and   Fifeshire (2)

Painting of   Buteshire (1)

20 Sep 2017

Scottish Shire Line Ships

Union-Castle Staff

Houston Line Ships

The epic story of the rescue of the crew of SS Patrician by   Fifeshire (2)   in 1896.

Plus a painting of the same vessel by an unknown artist.

New entry for   Alleyn Parry

Information about the losses of:   Hyperia   Hesperides (2)   and   Halizones (1)   during WW1

21 Sep 2017

Clan Line Staff

New entry for   Charles Jones   a deck officer on Clan Lamont (1) in the 1880s

14 Aug 2017

Union-Castle Staff

New entry for   George Springett  

15 Aug 2017

Clan Line Ships

In 1894 Clan acquired the Persian Gulf Steamship Company and its vessels.

One of them was   Tigris  and although I have not located a photograph I have found some descriptive press releases of her launch in 1890.

25 Aug 2017

British & Commonwealth Staff

New entry for   Robert Starkie

4 Sep 2017

Union Line Ships

Addition of the transcript of an article that appeared in The Illustrated London News on July 18, 1896.

It describes and illustrates the lengthening of the mail ship   Scot

5 Sep 2017

Update to the history of   Comrie Castle

New entry for a vessel chartered to Union Line in 1858   Bosphorus

The seaman who died of housemaid’s knee in 1913   Walter Briggs

A painting of   Pembroke Castle   at The Cape

Additional photographs of   Robin Plumley

Several “pre-Review”    Crew Lists   dating from 1873 until 1954

Photograph of the mail ship Briton and the tender Falcon alongside at   Southampton

Union-Castle Ships

Union Line Ships

8 Aug 2017

Union-Castle Staff

10 Aug 2017

Castle Line Ships

British & Commonwealth Staff

Crew Lists

11 Aug 2017


12 Aug 2017

Clan Line Ships

Report of the Court of Enquiry into the collision in 1886 between   Clan MacIntosh (1)   and the German sailing vessel Fidelio.

21 Jul 2017

Houston Line Ships

King Line Ships

Castle Line Ships

Union Line Ships

Reports of the Courts of Enquiry into the losses of the following vessels:

Hermes (2)   in 1901

King Cadwallon (2)   in 1906

Lion   in 1904

European   in 1877

Union (2)   in 1894

22 Jul 2017

Union-Castle Advertising

A poster of one of the twin funnel motor ships leaving Cape Town, published in  1929

29 Jul 2017

Union Line Staff

Union-Castle Staff

Union-Castle Ships

Update to the page of   Capt E A Sylvester   Including photographs.  

An update to the service history of   Capt R G Pargiter

An update to the command list of   Winchester Castle (1)

31 Jul 2017

Union Line Staff

Photograph of   Capt R Reynolds

3 Aug 2017

Clan Line Staff

New entry for   Boyd Laird

9 Jul 2017

Clan Line Staff

Union-Castle Ships

Union Line Ships

Retirement notice from Clansman 1971 of   Capt G W Spiller

Photo of   Pretoria Castle (2)   rounding Calshot Spit

A Bill of Lading from   Nyanza   in 1975

11 Jul 2017

Ports of Castle

Picture of the stamps of   St Helena   that commemorate the ships of The Union-Castle Line

12 Jul 2017

Union-Castle Ships

A press cutting of the sinking of   Dunbar Castle (2)   in January 1940

19 Jul 2017

Clan Line Ships

A press cutting of the stranding of   Clan Malcolm (1)   in 1935 and the subsequent report of the Court of Enquiry.

20 Jul 2017

Photographs of four survivors of the sinking of   Richmond Castle (1):   

John Cutcliffe (Cadet),    Peter Franklin (Radio Officer),   John Lester (Cadet)   and   Angus Murray (AB)

New entry for   Andalucia Star   which took the place of Pendennis Castle on the mail service in 1977

A catalogue of all losses incurred by the companies in war and in peace time.

Bullard King    Clan Line    Houston Line   King Line   Scottish Shire Line   South American Saint Line   Castle Line

Union Line   and   Union-Castle Line

New entry for   David Pike

An account of the scrap voyage of   Roslin Castle (3)   by David Pike

Union-Castle Staff

5 Jun 2017

Union-Castle Ships

12 Jun 2017

All Ships

29 Jun 2017

British & Commonwealth Staff

4 Jul 2017

Union-Castle Ships

5 July 2017

Union-Castle Staff

Clan Line Ships

New entry for   Jack Love

An interesting experiment carried out in 1947 on   Clan Alpine (4)

17 May 2017

Reunions & Other Events

From May until November an exhibition   Abandon Ship!   Will be held aboard HQS Wellington on The Embankment. Featured will be the story of the abandoning of   Richmond Castle (1)   in WW2

23 May 2017

Union-Castle Ships

A magazine article on the coming into service of the mail ship   Walmer Castle (2)

28 May 2017

King Line Staff

New entry for   Graham Jones

1 Jun 2017

Union-Castle Ships

An account of the tragic loss of a stowaway aboard   Rotherwick Castle

November 1964 and   Reina Del Mar   is painted in Union-Castle colours

2 Jun 2017





























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Union-Castle Ships

Two press cuttings about the flood in East London and its consquences for   Southampton Castle

26 Nov 2017

Union-Castle Staff

Scottish Shire Line Ships

Additional correspondence with   Ronald Harris   concerning his joining the company as a cabin boy in 1927

Picture of   Ayrshire (3)   proceed down river near Hamburg

4 Dec 2017

Early in December my computer lost the current source file of this web site.

Over the last few weeks it has been recreated and is now up to date.

Note to Self: Always perform a weekly back-up

27 Dec 2017

A new picture of   Warwick Castle (3)   after conversion in 1938

New entry for   Robert Hilton

Two pictures of officers dated 1905 in   Unknown Faces

In   Unknown Faces   a group of cadets at Plymouth College 1967-1969

A poster from 1963 featuring   James Bond and Kenya Castle

Colour photo of   Windsor Castle (2)

Union-Castle Ships

South American Saint Line Staf

18 Oct 2017

Union-Castle Staff

24 Oct 2017

British & Commonwealth Staff

26 Oct 2017

Union-Castle Advertising

1 Nov 2017

Union-Castle Ships

23 Nov 2010

Union-Castle Staff

New entry for   William Ottaway

13 Oct 2017

Union Line Staff

Additions to entry for   William Dawkins

17 Oct 2017

British & Commonwealth Staff

New entry for   Hugh Cameron

10 Nov 2017

British & Commonwealth Group

A new section on   The Cadet Training Units

12 Nov 2017

Bowater Ships

A picture of   Nina Bowater   in The St Lawrence Seaway

18 Nov 2017

New entry for   Peter Snadden

British & Commonwealth Staff

9 Nov 2017

British & Commonwealth Staff

New entry for   Steve Godding

29 Dec2017

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