1914 - April

Intermediate Service

Dover Castle

Left London

27 April

For Africa


J N Culverwell

Chief Officer

D Nicholls

H Schofield

Second Officer

R Harris

Third Officer

D J Scott

Fourth Officer

D K Blyth

Wireless Operator

S B Pratt


W Franker

Chief Engineer

D Duncan

Second Engineer

E F Schmidt

Third Engineer

J Henderson

Fourth Engineer

P B Ross

Fifth Engineer

W MacKessock

Sixth Engineer

E Galbraith


J K Harrison


R F Pike

Chief Steward

H Hunt

Cargo Service

King Howel

Left Newport

20 April

For Bahia Blanca


W Davies

Chief Officer

D J Harries

Second Officer

R H C Mouat


L A Ainsworth

H C Lamb

A G Martin

G Taylor

Chief Engineer

T Hughes

Second Engineer

M B Martin

Third Engineer

J Howie

Union-Castle Line

King Line

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