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The last few years of British & Commonwealth are a nightmare to investigate as companies that were active changed their names, others that had been inactive for a number of years were re-activated.

Cayzer, Irvine and Co., were the managers for all ships in the British & Commonwealth Group shipping companies and had been managers of the Clan Line and their associates before B&C was formed.

In 1980 Cayzer Irvine & Company Limited ceased management of the ships.

The formerly dormant Turnbull Martin & Company was restyled as Cayzer, Irvine Shipping Limited and assumed management of all group and non group ships.

On the 20th of October 1986, this company was restyled as CI Shipping and became more involved with reefer management and working closely with Safmarine managed a number of ships for them.

This relationship with Safmarine led to the formation of Pelmore Ltd (Co. Reg. 2726150) in 1990.

Pelmore was later re-styled as CI-SAF Shipping Limited.

Later this company was rebranded as London Ship Managers and as such still trades today.

Group Owned

Refrigerated Cargo Ships

Group Managed

Refrigerated Cargo Ships

The coming to being of these companies was not known by me until they were researched by Vic McClymont

at The British Merchant Navy - Old Friends Plus web site.

Group Owned

Container and Other Ships

Group Managed

Bulk  Cargo Ships

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