King Edgar (2)

Date of attack

2 Mar 1945  


Sunk by U-1302 (Wolfgang Herwartz)

Position 52.05N, 05.42W - Grid AM 9495


46 (4 dead and 42 survivors).




Victoria, British Columbia - Panama - Halifax - Swansea - London


1667 standards of lumber, 2038 tons of plywood and 500 tons of lead and zinc

Notes on loss  

At 18.12 hours on 2 Mar, 1945, U-1302 attacked the convoy SC-167 in the St. George´s Channel and sank the King Edgar and Novasli. The U-boat could not report her attack, because she was lost five days later.

The King Edgar (Master Arthur Warren Wheeler) was taken in tow, but sank later. Two crew members and two gunners were lost. The master, 32 crew members and nine gunners were picked up by HMS Nyasaland (K 587) (LtCdr J. Scott, RNVR) and landed at Milford Haven.


We have listing of 4 people who were on this vessel

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