King Alfred (3)

Official Number

Ship Builder

Engine Builder

Engine Type


Greenock Dockyard


Barclay Curle


Diesel 4 Cyl

Single Acting


2500 BHP



From Tony White 15 April 2018

I sailed with 'M G Gillen'  - Master on the voyage Commencing Liverpool on 15-4-57 to Avonmouth 13-2-58.

I'm pretty sure he was there on the preceding voyage, no idea about the following one, so commanded her from 1956, if not earlier.

Chief Engineer with him was J. Lyle.

Rather a hellish voyage, King Line Master, Chief and 2nd Engineer, Chief Steward (who was B useless), and Cook who wasn't much better.

Clan Line Chief Officer, 2nd and 3rd.

The remainder of engineers and crew were all from the Liverpool Fed. pool, and oh a Marconi Sparks.  10 months of conflict!!

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