King Alfred (2)

Date of attack

4 Aug 1940


Sunk by U-52 (Otto Salman)

Position 56.59N, 17.38W - Grid AL 0344


41 (7 dead and 34 survivors).




St.Johns - Halifax - Methil


6750 tons of pit props


Launched as War Azalea, completed in September 1919 as King Alfred

Notes on loss  

At 03.35 and 03.38 hours on 4 Aug, 1940, U-52 fired torpedoes at the convoy HX-60 about 300 miles west-northwest of Bloody Foreland and sank the King Alfred and Gogovale.

The King Alfred (Master Richard Storm) broke in two, the bow sank and the stern was sunk by HMS Vanoc (H 33) (LtCdr J.G.W. Deneys), which also picked up the master and 33 crew members and landed them at Liverpool. Seven crew members were lost.


We have listing of 9 people who were on this vessel

Merchant Navy War Memorial

Tower Hill

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