Clan MacKenzie (3)

6,544 gross ton cargo steamer, length 420ft x beam 53.4ft, single screw, speed 12 knots.

Built 1917 by Northumberland Shipbuilding Co., Newcastle for the Clan Line Steamers Ltd, Glasgow.

5th Mar.1918 bound for Philadelphia, she was torpedoed and damaged in the English Channel off St. Catherrines Point by German U-Boat UB.30. 82 crew were taken off by the destroyer HMS GARLAND but. 6 lives lost.

Reboarded the next day and towed to Portsmouth for repairs

On 23rd Oct.1937 she collided with the S.S. MANCHESTER REGIMENT off Liverpool and stranded off Newcome Knoll on voyage Liverpool - East London, South Africa.

Refloated and sold for scrapping.

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