Clan MacArthur (3)

Notes on loss  

At 03.32 hours on 12 Aug, 1943, the Clan Macarthur (Master John Drayton Matthews), dispersed from convoy DN-55, was hit by two G7a torpedoes from U-181 after a hunt of over 15 hours about 350 miles east of Farafangan, Madagascar.

The ship sank by the bow eight minutes after being hit by a coup de grâce at 03.47 hours.

After the ship sank a heavy underwater detonation slightly damaged the U-boat and swamped several lifeboats.

The Germans questioned the survivors before they left the area. 52 crew members and one gunner were lost.

The master, 70 crew members and six passengers were picked up by FFL Savorgnan de Brazza and landed at Port Louis.


We have listing of 60 people who were on this vessel

Date of attack

12 Aug 1943  


Sunk by U-181 (Wolfgang Lüth)

Position 23S, 53.11E - Grid KR 2213


130 (53 dead and 77 survivors).


DN-55 (dispersed)


Glasgow - Durban (5 Aug) - Port Louis, Mauritius


6346 tons of general cargo, including 5500 tons of military stores, ammunition and mail

The following names are listed at the

Merchant Navy Memorial at Tower Hill

Torpedoed and Sunk in the Indian Ocean 1943

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