Clan Forbes (2)

109.8 metres long, 360.3 ft., speed of 11 knots.

Built for 'The Clan Line of Steamers Limited' ('Clan Line'), of Glasgow. In 1904 maybe, transferred to the ownership of Sir Charles W. Cayzer & in 1913 ownership reverted to Clan Line. In 1916, at a date unstated, the vessel was attacked by UB-47. Clan Forbes fired back & when its 5th shell came close to the submarine, UB-47 gave up the chase.

Torpedoed and Sunk and Mediterranean 1918

No detail of the incident has come to hand. On Jun. 9, 1918, defensively armed, while en route from Newport, Wales, to Port Said, Egypt with a cargo of coal, the vessel was torpedoed by UB-105, Kapitänleutnant Wilhelm Marschall in command, & sunk in the Mediterranean, 115 miles WNW of Alexandria, Egypt. At 31.55N/27.50E. 2 lives were lost.

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