Good Hope Castle (2)

GOOD HOPE CASTLE (2) was built in 1965 by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson at Wallsend with a tonnage of 10538grt, a length of 592ft, a beam of 77ft 5in and a service speed of 22.5 knots.

The second 'Mini Mail' fast cargo ship, her delivery was delayed by 3.5 months during which time the Capetown Castle had to undertake her sailings but her eventual arrival meant that seven ships could handle the mail contract requirements instead of eight.

She was the first of the pair to have her accommodation altered to cater for the government requirements.

On 23rd June 1973 a severe engine room fire spread to the accommodation and she had to be abandoned.

Eighty two survivors were picked up by the Liberian tanker George F. Getty and were landed at Ascension.

Taken in tow by the German owned salvage tug Albatros she reached Antwerp on 18th August.

There, the contract for the extensive repairs was awarded to Astilleros Espanoles and, as a result, she was towed to Bilboa by the tug Heros.

Repairs were completed by May in the following year and she was back in service on 31st of that month.

Like her sister, she also had the distinction of appearing on an Ascension Island postage stamp in May 1976.

In February 1978 she was sold to Costa Armatori SpA of Genoa and renamed Paolo C.

From B&C Review  April 1965

In later life as Paolo C

Deck cranes fitted

Not as much care taken over her appearance

Good Hope Castle adrift in the South Atlantic after the fire

Wheelhouse of Good Hope Castle

Painting the bridge front, pre health and safety issues! AB Phil Hayden

S/Stwd. Fred Wilkinson

Bob Tallach 3/O and probably Trevor Johns.

Officer’s lounge, Asst Purser, Think G Walter, ? , ?, Trevor Johns S/2/O, Stephen Wright.

Two four legged passengers Cape Town to East London, A B Bob Henshall, AB Phil Hayden and Bob Tallach 3/O

By invitation to the crew’s mess, an evening’s entertainment and pre Christmas Party in honour of Mrs. L’Estrange

Bosun Arthur Weaver

Officers and Passengers Dinner

Good Hope Castle at Port Elizabeth with SAR&HB tug T H Watermeyer

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