Alex Wallace

Was Chief Officer aboard Duart Castle when he lost his life at sea 21 November 1881.

A full account of this incident can be found on Duart Castle’s page.

On Sunday night the gale had so increased the engines had to be slowed, and by about one o'clock, it's been found that one of the aunt covers of coal bunkers had been washed away, and the seas were rushing down into the bunker, a plucky and determined effort was made to close the bunker whole.  Whilst this was being attempted, a sea came on board, carried away some of the small houses forward, washed away the men working at the bunker hole, and did damage particularized in the log.  The men were washed aft, and for some time the chief officer could not be seen, but he was eventually found amongst the wreckage behind the aft deck house.  He was fatally injured but when picked up his last words were, go at it again, men. Space space the injuries he sustained and his death are described in the official report given below.

Mr Wallace was a well-known and very highly respected officer of the fleet, and having been for a long period and officer of the Melrose, he had a large circle of friends in South Africa.

Mr Wallace 1st. officer, was picked up from the from under the main reading and taken below.  The doctor, on examination, found his right thigh broken, right arm broken in three places, several conclusions over the left eye, and other injuries, from which he died about 3 a.m., or 45 minutes after being taken below.  

The carpenter, Mr Brown, was also injured breaking his hip bone, two ribs, and other injuries

November 22, lat. 44° 30 8N., long. 9° 3W.; The mortal remains of Alex. Wallace, late 1st. officer, were committed to the deep in the presence of all hands available.

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