Melvin Bunyard

From Brian Bunyard

My late Grandfather came to South Africa at the outbreak of the Anglo Boer in 1899 after having been involved in the war in a British Regiment and later in the South African Light Horse as it turns out along with Winston Churchill, he stayed on in South Africa and joined the Union-Castle Line.

He started a branch office along with his outfitting business in the West Rand town of Randfontein, the objective of the branch office was to repatriate Cornish miners working on the gold mines in South Africa, the branch office covered the towns of Randfontein,Krugersdorp and Roodepoort.

To fast track forward he travelled with my father to the U.K. in 1938 for a return fare first class on board the newest mailship R.M.M.V.Capetown Castle for the princely sum of one pound two shillings and sixpence return per person.

My late father worked for Union-Castle in the Johannesburg Offices corner Commissioner & Loveday Streets from 1953 to early 1977.

His name was Melvin Bunyard


Brian Bunyard

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