Capt. James Foster Vooght



- Operation MF.5 – Supply Convoy to Malta in February 1942; Bombed and damaged on 13 February 1942 in The Mediterranean, in position 32 22N 024 22E by aircraft; arrived in Tobruk on 14 February 1942

Awards for this incident are as follows:-

The appointment of Captain James Foster Vooght (deceased) announced in Gazette No. 35655 of 4th August 1942, is now dated 22nd March 1942

09 October 1942 Gazette Issue 35742, Supplement 4446, published 13 October 1942

31 July 1942 Gazette Issue 35655, Supplement 3422, published 04 August 1942


 – Convoy MW.10; supply convoy to Malta in March 1942; bombed and sunk on 23 March 1942 when 245 degrees x 8 miles from Filfola Island, near Malta, by aircraft

20 Nov 1942 Gazette Issue 35796, Supplement 5106, published 24 Nov 1942

Captain James Foster Vooght (deceased) – Commendation – when Master  

Captain James Foster Vooght (deceased) - Lloyd’s War Medal for Bravery at Sea

Died 23 March 1942 – Tower Hill Memorial, Panel 30

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