Gordon Browne

Note by OGK

I joined the "Winchester Castle" in 1958 as a very green Junior 4th Mate, the gold of my single stripe very bright indeed!   How important I felt.   

The following evening after sailing Bo'sun Browne came to the bridge, "Can I have a word with you sir?"   

He then gave me a very fatherly talk, told me the facts of life about passenger ships.   I always remember him ending with, "Now don't you forget sir, if you have any problems with the hands, don't you try to sort it out, call to me, I'm always on board."   

Gordon Browne was a seaman through and through, one of the old school, very tough and a man who stood no nonsense be you deckhand or officer but one of those very rare people, someone you never forget.

Bosun Browne, "Winchester Castle" 1959

From B&C Review  April 1965

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