Capt. Colin Brown

Greatly enjoyed your site and memories. I joined British and Commonwealth as Cadet in 1957 serving in all areas of the Company, initially Clan Line. My first Union-Castle ship was the "Transvaal" in May 1962, later serving ( for various periods)  in "Pretoria", "Edinburgh", "Richmond", "Rochester","Rothsay", "Capetown", "Windsor" and "Reina del Mar" - all these interspersed with Clan Line and Bowaters vessels.  Last appointment in UC was as Chief Officer in "Tantallon" in August 1970. Since then I have served in other companies as Chief Officer and Master.

 I taught in the Institute of Marine Studies in Plymouth Polytechnic and in 1989 went out to the Solomon Islands where I was Head of marine and fisheries training. In 1994 I was Associate Professor in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, leaving there in 1999 to begin consultancy work in the UK. I am currently employed by the DTI Electricity Consents Unit as advisor with respect to navigational issues concerning offshore wind farms and other renewable energy devices.

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