2014 Additions

20 Dec 2014

Various Staff Pages

I have added Facebook links to those pages where appropriate.

If you would like a similar link added to your page then please let me know. These links will aid you being contacted by old shipmates.

2 Dec 2014

Union-Castle Advertising

Posters from 1950s and 1960s highlighted are some aimed at the American market published jointly with Cunard

1 Dec 2014


Union-Castle Advertising

Union-Castle Staff

Picture of turbine machinery destined for   Arundel Castle

Posters from   1910s,   1930s,   1940s,   1950s,   1960s   and   1970s

New entry   Diana Coleman

30 Nov 2014

British & Commonwealth Staff

New entry   Brian Dalziel

28 Nov 2014

Union-Castle Ships

King Line Ships

New picture of   Scot

New pictures of   King Edward (2)   and   King Frederick (2)

25 Nov 2014


Union-Castle Ships

Picture commemorating the first flying of the combined house flag aboard Dunottar Castle on 17th March 1900

New photo of   Dromore Castle

24 Nov 2014

Union-Castle Ships

Union-Castle Staff

Photo of   Walmer Castle   in WW1 dazzle paint entering Cape Town

New entry   Richard Bull

22 Nov 2014

British & Commonwealth Staff

New entries for   Colin Arnold   and   Stuart Wainwright

20 Nov 2014

Union-Castle Ships

Programme for “Sods Opera” October 1961 aboard   Kenya Castle

19 Nov 2014

Home Page


Visitors total reaches 95 countries

Union-Castle   January 1955

18 Nov 2014

Clan Line Staff

Life with Clan Line: Recollections by   Tony White

17 Nov 2014

Royal Navy Ships

The most decorated ship in the Royal Navy,   HMS Bonaventure

11 Dec 2014

Company Home Pages

Facebook links added to the home pages of:

B & C   Clan Line   Saint Line   Union-Castle

13 Dec 2014

South American Saint Line Staff

Clan Line Staff

British & Commonwealth Staff

Union-Castle Ships

Addition of photograph of   Capt T Roberts

New entry   William Ogg

New entry   Phil Borley

Photo of 1956/57 MCC Touring party aboard   Edinburgh Castle

14 Dec 2014

Union-Castle Ships

A press cutting from The Illustrated London News of June 23 1900 regarding the coming into service of   Saxon

15 Dec 2014

Union-Castle Ships

Additions to the history of   Bloemfontein Castle   including photographs of the “Klipfontein” incident

17 Dec 2014

Clan Line Ships

Bullard King

Fares and Sailings

Pictures of Clan MacIver almost capsizing whilst fitting out on the Clyde

A timetable for Natal Direct Line published in The Natal Mercury on 18 Mar 1905

A similar notice also appeared in the same publication for Union-Castle

18 Dec 2014

Union-Castle Ships

Kinfauns Castle   in WW1 dazzle paint

19 Dec 2014

British & Commonwealth Staff

New entry   David Dearsley   awarded the 2014 UK Merchant Navy Medal for meritorious service, service to the International Maritime Employers Council and international maritime industrial relations.

21 Dec 2014

Union-Castle Ships

Union-Castle Staff

Cayzer Irvine Shipping Ships

New monochrome picture of   Rochester Castle

Photograph of   Capt R Cambridge   with Junior Mariner on Edinburgh Castle

Story and pictures of generator fire aboard   Balmoral Universal

22 Dec 2014

Clan Line Ships

Remember the thunderbox? Seen here on   Clan MacGillivray

23 Dec 2014

Union-Castle Mail Steamship Co

A fascinating document entitled “Instructions to Officers” dated 1922 can be found on the    U-C Home Page.   

24 Dec 2014

Union-Castle Ships

New picture of   Banbury Castle

New picture of   Susquehanna

27 Dec 2014

Union-Castle Staff

New entry for George Phillips with some additional documents about his service on Carnarvon Castle in 1944

28 Dec 2014

Union-Castle Ships

A lovely photo of   Winchester Castle   shifting berth in Southampton

29 Dec 2014

South American Saint Line

Union-Castle Staff

South American Saint Line Staff

Like B&C, Saint Line had its own house magazine entitled “Reef Knot”. Two editions of this publication can be selected on the   Saint Line home page.

New entry   Frank Hibberd   who’s son is seeking information.

New entries for  D Davies   S Diggins   J Owens   PJ Reavley   C Bradley   AH Dare   FB Jones   WW Sinclair   and   RR Middleton

30 Dec 2014

Art Gallery

Bullard King & Co

An Irish Linen T Towel depicting   Windsor Castle   off Cape Town

A water colour of   Balmoral Castle   from Union-Castle offices in Cape Town

An advertising poster for Natal Direct Line from early 1900s

31 Dec 2014

Union-Castle Staff

Union-Castle Ships

Clan Line Staff

Additional portrait to the page of   Commodore Sir Benjamin Chave

Picture of launch party of   Walmer Castle

Picture of maiden voyage sailing of   Kildonan Castle

New page for   Philip Prescott

B & C Home Page
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