Walvis Bay

South Africa (Now Namibia)

Walvis Bay is 711 miles by sea from Cape Town and 256 miles by rail from Windhoek.  The surrounding country is flat and sandy.

Walvis Bay is the only good harbour in South West Africa.

The bay is protected by a peninsula known as Pelican Point. There is an important fishing industry with several canning factories.

Occasionally sulphur fumes are erupted from the seabed, these are often noticed when the vessel drops her anchor.

Parts of the town lie as much as 4 ft below sea level and a wall 3½ miles long has been Built to protect it against flooding by the Kuiseb River.

Walvis Bay and its hinterland, 430 sq miles in extent, were annexed to the Cape of Good Hope in 1878 and remained British Territory when Germany occupied South West Africa in 1883. Walvis Bay has come under the Administration of the Mandated Territory of South West Africa since 1922 but nevertheless remains an integral part of Cape Province.

Swakopmund, formerly the principal German port, is a pleasant seaside town much frequented by holiday-makers. It is 25 miles distance from Walvis Bay by rail car and 38 miles by road.

The South West African Coast was first visited by Vasco da Gama in 1487 when he landed at Angra Pequena (now Luderitz), some 250 miles south of Walvis Bay.

Capetown Castle was a frequent caller when she was employed on an Extra Service after leaving the mail schedule. Here she is alongside in 1967

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