Las Palmas


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SA Oranje bunkering

Vessel berth alongside a quay at Puerto de la Luz, one of the most important bunkering ports in the world.

Four miles away by car or bus is Las Palmas capital of the Island of Grand Canary. It was founded by Juan Rejon one of the Spanish conquerors soon after his landing in 1478.

Grand Canary, one of the Fortunate Isles of the Romans, has about 300,000 inhabitants. It is roughly circular in shape. The area is 634 sq miles and the highest point is Los Pechos at 6,401 ft.

The island affords a great variety of scenery and has been described as a continent in miniature. There are fine mountain ranges intersected by ravines, volcanic craters, smiling villages and closely cultivated slopes, and in the south is dry desert-like country, some of it difficult to access.

Exports are principally tomatoes, potatoes and bananas; also almonds, onions, hides, cochineal and dried fish. The production of the cochineal insect was formerly a major industry, but as a result of the development of the aniline dye, this has largely given place to bananas.

Before the Spanish conquest of the island in 1483 the inhabitants were the Guanches, a tall fine race, of whom many relics remain. A remarkable collection of mummies, pottery etc excavated from their caves and burial mounds may be seen at 29 Calle de Dr.Chil, Las Palmas.

The name “Canary” has no connection with the bird of that name, but is derived fro the Latin (canis : dog).

The Canary Island dogs were large, ferocious animals and now are almost extinct, though there are still a few on the Island of Fuerteventura.

Bronze figures of the dogs (mastiff type) may be seen on the square opposite the Cathedral in Las Palmas.

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