Ronald McIntosh

Ronald McIntosh was Director General of the National Economic Development Office ('Neddy') at a time of great turbulence for Britain, and was thereby in a unique position to observe events from the inside.

He worked closely with Edward Heath, Harold Wilson and James Callaghan, and was in frequent touch with Cabinet ministers, members of the shadow Cabinet, bankers and industrialists, and the major trade union leaders of the day, who wielded real power in the 1970s.

He lives near Faversham in Kent.

His book “Turbulent Times” includes a detailed account of his life as a cadet and then a junior officer aboard Saint Line vessels during WWII.

The entire book is available as an E Book from Amazon

The author’s first ship St Rosario (1)

St Clears in war time disguised

St Essylt (1)

In March 1942 St Essylt was quarantined in Fremantle with a confirmed case of smallpox on board.

See Woodman Point Quarantine Station

I cannot locate any photograph of Samoresby

St Merriel (1)

St Elwyn includes the account of her loss by R H Davis

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