Cliff Bragg

Dear Owen.

My name is Cliff Bragg and I appear on your Staff register as Clifford but I don't use my full name anymore. I am now 76 years old and would like to get in touch  with old shipmates. ( )

I joined U-C as a cadet in 1949, obtained my Masters Cert. in 1959. I eventually left U-C and emigrated to South Africa in 1963. my final post at sea was as 1st Officer of R.M.S. Windsor Castle. I was Chief officer of the Rochester Castle for close on two years.  I was the first Uncertificated 4th Officer in the company when I was made Junior 4th of the Winchester Castle in 1951 under the Command of Capt. G.W.B. Lloyd. and stayed on that vessel until I went for my 2nd Mates certificate in 1952.

I will certainly visit the website regularly.

Cliff Bragg

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