Capt. W W Pierce

Extracts from the Board of Trade Inquiry  

Mr. PETER MERCER, book-keeper to Messrs. Donald Currie and Co., produced the records of service of the late Captain Pierce and his four officers. Captain Pierce joined the service in 1868 as an apprentice at the age of 14.

He served in the Arundel Castle, the Pembroke Castle, the Carnarvon Castle, and the Carisbrooke Castle, all sailing ships, gradually rising in the service until, in 1879, he obtained a master’s certificate.

He subsequently served in the steam vessels Warwick Castle, Dunrobin Castle, the Venice, the Dunkeld, the Doune Castle, the Courland, the Dunbar Castle, and, finally, the Drummond Castle.

Captain Pierce was transferred from the Doune Castle to the Courland and afterwards to the Drummond Castle, in consequence of the Doune Castle having struck some impediment.

That was in 1891. No entry was made in the log of the occurrence, which was not discovered until the vessel was in dry dock; but the matter was made the subject of private inquiry by the Company in their own office

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