Capt. Edward Manning

He was Master of Teuton when she was lost.

Today Captain Edward Manning's grave cannot be indentified, the headstone still standing in the Civilian section of the Old Cemetery, overlooking Simon's Town navy base, is that of Captain Barron of the "Star of Africa", Captain Manning was buried close by, if not actually next to, Captain Barron's grave.

The 'Cape Times', September 13, 1881:


On Saturday afternoon a telegram was received in Cape Town conveying the intelligence that on the white sands, some miles from Simon's Bay, a body had been picked up by a fisherman who was looking for crayfish - the linen of which was marked with "M", and the studs of the shirt being black.  It was known that Captain Manning wore such studs, and this combined with the initial on the linen, conveyed the impression that the body found was that of the ill-fated commander of the Teuton.

Immediately the news was received in Cape Town, arrangements were made for identification and for paying every respect to the corpse, whether it was that of Captain Manning, or of any other of the drowned who could be identified.   For this purpose Mr. T. Fuller, the General Manager of the Union Company, with Messrs. Steele and Watts proceeded to Simon's Bay.   We learn by telegram received last night that identification was made, and our correspondent telegraphs:-

"The body of the late Captain Manning, of the unfortunate steamer Teuton, was recovered yesterday, and interred here this afternoon.  The funeral was attended by Mr. Fuller, General manager of the Company, Mr. Van der Riet, Civil Commissioner of the district, Messrs. Watts and Steele, officers of the Company, Mr. Runciman, the Agent at Simon's Bay, and a large concourse of inhabitants.  An appropriate address was delivered at the grave by the Rev. Canon Baker."

Poor Manning!   Even with two hundred lives lost in the ship which he commanded who will not to-day think sadly of him whose gentle manners endeared him to all who ever met him, whilst his anxious care navigating his vessel was a general comment with all those who sailed with him.  For one moment we may pause in the stern task which the Court of Inquiry has before it, and without deviating from the line of duty say, "Poor Manning!"

"It is singular coincidence in connection with the finding of the body of the late commander of the Teuton that the first body washed up from the wreck of the Star of Africa, about one year and a day ago, was that of Captain Barron, the commander of that vessel.  Those two well-known navigators now lie side by side, being buried in the same churchyard."


A curious omission in the evidence given by Mr. Fuller at the inquiry into the loss of the "Teuton", was Captain Manning's service with the Union Company.  According to the evidence given by one witness, Captain Manning had been with the Union Line for ten years, and that he had sailed with him when Manning was a second officer.  This is somewhat at odds with the known facts.  In 1873 Edward Manning was master of the "Kafir" (20/12/73), he then went on to command the "Asiatic" (1876-77) before the "Teuton".  Why did Mr. Fuller not set the record straight?

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