Commodore J Morton

From 'Union-Castle Chronicle' by Marischal Murray.

'Apart from Mozambique the Union and Castle coasters regularly visited Ibo, Quelimane, Chiloane, and Inhambane, Delgoa Bay was not of importance, while as for Beira, until 1891 no such place existed.   In settlements along the east coast there were comparatively speaking, only a handful of Portuguese, and for them the arrival of the Union or Castle coaster was always a great event.  Sometimes there was more to it than that.

When the Tyrian of the Union Line, anchored outside Quelimane in March , 1892, the Portuguese were in a state of panic as the natives in the district had risen and were expected to attack the town at any moment.   Captain Morton, of the Tyrian, immediately had all the women and children brought out to his ship, while the men remained to deal with the attack that was impending.  The attack never came.   For, it subsequently transpired, the natives believed the Tyrian (1,400 tons) to be a warship specially sent in to quell the rising!

From 'Ships and South Africa' by Marischall Murray

'When she (the "Saxon") set out from Southampton on her maiden voyage in June 1900, with Captain Morton in command, the Union colours were already a thing of the past, but the Saxon, to begin with, appeared with the white hull of the Union Line, though having the red and black smoke-stacks of the Castle Line.

Master, R.M.S. "Scot" 1899

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