Capt. T Chope

Captain Chope (right) with his Chief Officer Mr. J.George

Whilst researching this page I came across on the Internet the following extract from the West Australian, a Perth newspaper.   I repeat it here not because it relates to 'our' Captain Chope, this cannot be for whilst his name sake was having a very exciting time on a voyage to Fremantle, our Captain Chope was safely asleep in his bunk on the S.S. "Greek".

Thursday 14th September, 1899.

The Collector of Customs (Mr. Clayton T. Mason) has received a report from Captain T. Chope, master of the coasting steamer Croydon concerning the mishap which befell that vessel on her recent voyage from Cossack to Fremantle.   Captain Chope, in his report, gives a detailed account of the experiences of the Croydon on the trip.

She left Cossack on the 8th ultimo, and the first of her misfortunes overtook her the following day, when the engine room was flooded by the high seas which were running, and the engines stopped.   She ran before the wind under a fore try-sail, and on the 11th anchored to the south of North West Cape, where repairs were effected to the engines, and the voyage was resumed on the 14th.

On the 22nd during a period of very boisterous weather, the lower part of the stern rudder post was carried away, and, later on, the upper part gave way, taking the rudder with it.

On the following day, while anchored to the south of Shark Bay, she lost one of her anchors and a portion of her cable.   Captain Chope then decided to make for Champion Bay, and all hands were employed steering the vessel with coal baskets and two planks aft.   Geraldton was reached at 6 a.m. on the 25th and a jury rudder was received on board on the 31st.   The Croydon was taken in tow by the Karrakatta on the 2nd. inst. and reached Fremantle on the following day, after an adventurous trip extending over a period of 25 days.


When men were made of iron!   One imagines Captain Chope, walking in his front door being greeted by Mrs. Chope, "Good trip dear?"

"Not bad, sorry I'm late, had a spot of bother on the way.  What's for super?"

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